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Thread: Predictions on the Mundy hit penalty and other fall out

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    Predictions on the Mundy hit penalty and other fall out

    To start, it did look like H2H on the replay to me. I'm not sure if he fully left his feet, or even what the definition of "launch" is, but from the replays I saw it was at least H2H, and so opens the door to whatever Goodell wants to do.

    I'm guessing big bucks, suspension, AND the Steelers and/or coaches themselves getting penalized as well.

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    Suspend him, atleast it will get him OFF of the field. That can only be a plus for the Steelers at this point.

    He doesn't have a history of penalties, I don't think, so I'm guessing a big fine and maybe suspension. Don't think the coaches get anything from it.

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    i dont see anything he did wrong

    its a violent game sometimes

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    He'll be fined I'm sure, but no suspension is warranted IMO. Ed Reed just got away with a similar shot in the Pats game and drew no flag either.

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    Anyone just see E Reed just launch himself with two forearms to J Edelman's head. I think Mundy's helmet-to-helmet was incidental, he was going for a gut shot. Reed launched himself at the defenseless receiver's head. If Mundy gets equal to or more then Reed then something is unjust.

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    Shouldn't be fined or suspended. Never left his feet. It's unfortunate but in the heat of the moment these type of hits can happen. The alternative is to let the guy catch a TD? Normal play in the course of the game. Just b/c someone gets hurt doesn't mean it should be an automatic fine. I will be disappointed if this gets any repreand.

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    hate the friggin ravens, but i saw nothing wrong with reed's hit either

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    I thought it was a "bang-bang" play & there was no "Hitting a Defensless Receiver" warranted & DHB's movement brought his head into the hit. That said...he'll get fined.
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    I didn't think it was H2H contact. Hit on defensive receiver? Maybe.

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    He'll get the standard $21K fine just because he's a Steeler...

    No suspension...


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