Yea know, this D is 1 year removed from being #1 in the entire NFL. What has changed? 1.) No Troy. 2.) No Harrison. 3.) They are a year older. 4.) No Farrior (No one mentions that. Not saying they should have brought him back at 36 but he was one of the main leaders on the team.) If we get Harrison and Troy,back 90% (That's a big if) then maybe they will go back to being a top D. Also, other than the big TD rush from McFadden, the D was solid at the beginning of the game, and, the O f---d up by not getting more of a lead when things were all going their way. I started screaming at the TV, saying "You are letting them stay in the game, you are keeping it close again!" They should have destroyed them and it shouldn't have been a game. Even Miami was able to blow these clowns out.

This is a pretty disgusting loss though. It does remind me of 2009.

Oh, and let's not forget. Yes the D was pathetic, but we still can't rush the ball to save our lives. That is a major part of the problem. How could they NOT found a way to create a better rushing game? That has me as p-ssed off as does the D. Over all, this is just not a very good team, all things considered.