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Couple of points:

1. The Offense fumbled 4 times and lost 2.

2. Ryan Clark got a turnover to start the game which lead to an easy 7.

3. Officiating turned a Oakland 4th and 2 into a 1st and goal inside the 5. That's another 4 points for Oakland.

4. ST gave up yards. Including a horrible punt. And holds on a return for a TD that cost us some points.

5. The O didn't score TDs in the 4th quarter.

We can blame the defense, but who didn't see this coming? The problem on D for years has been the inability to generate pressure on opposing QBs.

But yesterday's loss isn't all on our D. They have their issues. But we still would have won this game if the O and ST played better.

We have a long time to work this out. No one hands out Lombardi's yet.
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