Why are we making it seem like we have never loss games with Both Troy and James Playing? I mean I love those guys and I do think they will help but we are not 2 people away from being a championship Defense.

The Gig is up on our defensive philosophy. Teams are scheming James & Lamar into pass coverage's. Elite Qbs are out guessing Troy. We are No longer Stout up the middle and We are to afraid to play Man coverage for longer than 1 game at a time.

We are no longer feared, We use to dictate things but its us who are being Dictated. I am sure the new Rules have a ton to do with this but whatever.. We need to adjust. We cant expect for our offense to score touchdowns every time they touch the ball. Scoring Over 30 points should be enough to get us a win against anybody.

OF all the games played This season there only 4 other teams that scored at least 31 points and lost. (Saints, Skins, Bucs and Lions)