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The defense has CARRIED this franchise since the 70's and when they have an occassional lapse the nation goes berserk. The defense shows up WAY MORE frequently than the offense. How many points did the Offense score in the 4th? They produced for 3 quarters, I guess thats enough for the win huh?

The DEFENSE is the most consistent part of our team
The only thing consistent about this defense is their inability to get off the field and make big plays.

This is 2 out of 3 games they have turned in a performance that is nothing short of embarrassing. I know full well that it is only 3 games into the season and that is why I said it's "shaping up" to be one of the worst defenses we've ever fielded. The evidence is out there and you can't hide from it. It's a carry-over from last year's performance but mostly nased on what they have put on the field in 2012.

The fact that we always put out strong defenses is precisely why this years' version is so disappointing. It's a long season and they can definitely turn it around if Troy and Harrison can come back and stay healthy. But LeBeau has got to find a way to bring more pressure.