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Thread: A. Browns lost fumble

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    This was a tough tough loss.. I am sure the kid is Distraught enough over it and I am sure after these 2 weeks to stew in this he will come back with a bit more attention to detail.. but Man I hope he doesn't lose that Cockiness.. though i understand some of us hating the Peacock Strut but I am sure it fires up our fans, the offense and I possibly even the struggling Defense... Childish maybe - but we have a long list of Greats that had a little something "Extra" after doing something on the field.. We love that stuff (its not like we were down 15 at the time.. we were up, we were driving and He was feeling the moment.. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by winwithd View Post
    I agree it is a team loss. And I like the kid too. I sure hope he learns from it. But some guys don't seem to, ie DeSean Jackson, Mike Vick. That running around and going backwards with the ball flailing around out there is for the birds. I prefer the Hines Wards method of wrapping it up with both arms and going forward, especially in that situation with the lead. But I agree there is plenty of blame to go around in this one.

    I wonder if LeBeau got into the 'prevent' defense mode of thinking since they had a 10 point lead, no need to take any risks.

    The Prevent Defense is like an Entitlement Program for our opponents. I'd rather go down aggressive than giving it all away.

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    I happen to like the emotion Brown brings to the team. I wish the defense could find a player that can get fired up about his game.


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