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Thread: I looked at the other forums, and I didn't see where else to ask this....

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    I looked at the other forums, and I didn't see where else to ask this....

    ...but if it's deemed inappropriate for this board, then so be it and delete it.

    But here is my question.

    It involves my fantasy team.

    I have Houston D facing Denver, in Denver or I could go with the Bills D in Cleveland. My gut tells me the Bills facing Weeden and his weak receivers is a better match up than Houston facing Manning, but the computer projections show the Texans to score 19 to the Bills 10. And, the projections on FF site are pretty amazingly accurate. They led me the way to appropriately benching Cam Newton in favor of RGIII this week. Would you start Houston or Bills D this week? Houston is the better D but facing a much stronger offense and QB.

    My other question is do I start Dwyer over Mark Ingram and Jackie Battle? (Yes, I put my $ where my mouth was in picking up JD; hasn't been as successful as I hoped.) JD could blow up that weak Raiders' rush D - I am hoping.

    (Does including JD in my question make this enough of a Steeler-related topic to be in here?)

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    In all honesty, I would go with the better defense and start Houston.
    As far as Dwyer, its a coin toss, but it would probably be more exciting watching Dwyer score.
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.


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