Do you ever find yourself watching a game, and watching a team's offensive execution and wonder why the Steelers can't run successful rushing and screen plays like other teams can? I was watching the Giants' game, and they ran this beautiful screen play, where their entire O line ended up blocking for the running back getting the ball. It was a thing of beauty. Also, NYG run some sweet rushing plays, where the blocks are so spot on, giving the running back clean holes. Same thing for SF - Gore and Hunter have some sweet holes to run through on a consistent basis. The Bills have some really well done rushing plays. They make their blocks. As a matter of fact, the Steelers are a pathetic 30th in rushing yards in the NFL. 30th? Are you serious. What in the Sam Hill is going on? It's not from lack of trying to rush the ball.

So which is more to blame? Is Coughlin and his staff just that much better coaches than we have? Are our OLmen just incapable of moving and blocking than are the vast majority of the rest of the league's OLmen? This is a problem. If we can't get this fixed, we aren't going any where after the regular season. And the "eye test" and the actual stats tell the same story: Pgh can't rush the ball with any real effectiveness. And I don't care how many tight ends they put on the field; our rushing game is pathetic. 30th in the NFL, and make no mistake: unlike some other teams, we absolutely __CARE__ and FOCUS on trying to get the rush going. But it doesn't seem to matter. We just suck at rushing the ball and it's frustrating to watch when they try.