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No, I don't think it has.

That game was in 2009. There have only been 2 seasons between then and now.

2010: 12-4 in the regular season, made it to the Super Bowl.
2011: 12-4 again? Oh, ok. Beat Tom Brady 25-17? Yeah, I'll take that as filling your requirements of proving he can outscore another QB here and there.
As you can see, the days of our "shut down" defense have ended. We're not going to be winning too many 13-7 games like we did in 2010-11. In 2013 our elite QB is going to have win some games without the luxury of having a great defense. Defenses like the ones he's benefited from for most of his career. The defenses that have carried him to two super bowls! Let's see how many games Ben wins when he has to play "shoot out" ball. As you have kindly noted so far, he's won one in two years.... That's not very "elite."