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Has Cam Newton lost Charlotte?

By Chris Chase, USA TODAY
Sep 26, 2012

The second-year Carolina Panthers quarterback was the subject of a scathing editorial cartoon in Wednesday's edition of The Charlotte Observer. He's depicted performing his patented Superman touchdown celebration only to reveal a Hello Kitty logo on his chest.

Cam Newton ripped in 'Charlotte Observer' cartoon

The cartoon appears six days after the Panthers' 36-7 loss to the New York Giants. Newton was roundly criticized for emphatically celebrating a touchdown with his team down 23-0 in the third quarter against the defending Super Bowl champions. Later in the game, veteran wide receiver Steve Smith reportedly had "unchoice words" for Newton after the quarterback sulked on the bench following his third interception.

Newton's behavior in the postgame press conference was similarly sulky.

On Sunday, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Newton was seeing a "mind coach" to help him deal with the pressure of being an NFL quarterback. Newton denied the report.

The 2011 No. 1 overall draft pick, Newton shattered a number of NFL rookie quarterback records last season, including those for most passing and rushing yards. But his record as a starter is a middling 7-12 and this, evidently, is a cause for the Observer to jump ship on the Panthers quarterback three games into his second season.

Chill out, Charlotte. Cam is under contract for two more seasons after this one. There will be plenty of time to make fun of him if he continues to lose (which I don't think he will).

Yep! I predicted this all last year. I said teams would adjust to him after they had more film on him. And I predicted he would struggle when faced with adversity. I said we will see the true Cam Newton. And sure enough he has arrived. Man I got ripped from this forum. Oh well. Aint no thang but a chicken wang!