So Goodell hates the Steelers and the Saints.

If Goodell wanted to be consistent and protect all player safety, he'd go after the Ravens for their bounties on Ward and Mendy which everyone knows about.

I heard the comments by RGIII about St Louis's Defense. He commented about how St Louis is dirty. He even went as far as to say they're dirtier than the Saints. The Saints are supposed to be the evil team according to Goodell. So this is interesting. Williams and Vilma took the fall for the Saints. They were the scape goats.

With Vilma, you've got to wonder, was he just doing what he was told or taught to do by Williams? Probably. And was Williams just doing what he was told/taught to do? Possibly by Jeff Fisher?

I think there's a connection here that Goodell should explore. Was there a bounty on RGIII? Was Jeff Fisher - the guy who used to be Greg Williams' boss in the past - doing what he's always done. Instructing his team to try and hurt the other team's best player?

Maybe it all ties back to the day Bill Cowher broke Jeff Fisher's leg on a punt return? Maybe it clicked for Fisher. The importance of taking guys out.

I think it's time for Goodell to look into the history of injuries caused by Jeff Fisher teams. I bet there's something there. If Sean Payton's responsible for Greg Williams, Jeff Fisher probably should be too.

It's just interesting to me that RGIII makes the accusation of the Rams being dirtier than the Saints. If Goodell takes player safety seriously, it should be his duty to look into it.

Just like he should look into the Ravens. And probably every other team in the league.

But like the Pats' cheating, he probably just wants to have a scapegoat and burn the rest of the tapes.

F Goodell!