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Thread: Lawrence Timmons not happy with $21,000 fine

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    Lawrence Timmons not happy with $21,000 fine

    Timmons not happy with $21,000 fine

    by Joe Starkey

    Lawrence Timmons got the dreaded at FedEx envelope at his locker this week -- the kind the NFL sends to players it has fined. Timmons said he was fined $21,000 for his hit on Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. "What can you do? I was just playing ball," Timmons said. "I lowered my target like you're supposed to do. I can't help it if he slides or falls. It's a tough spot to be in." As for the fine, which is the NFL's minimum, Timmons said, "Any time you get fined, it's a lot of money." The take here? The fine was fair. I hear what Timmons is saying about Sanchez's helmet suddenly lowering, but Timmons launched himself like a missile.

    The NFL was right with this one.

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    It was $21K worth spending. It took away Sanchez's will to compete. That is what big hits should do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    It was $21K worth spending. It took away Sanchez's will to compete. That is what big hits should do.
    Well, the fine may take away Timmon's will to make a big hit. So while it was worth it in the sense of this one game, it may be very expensive in the long run.

    But that's today's NFL.

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    These guys are in a tough spot.

    I though Sanchez was gonna run. Timmons looked like he was targeting hitting him in the numbers and planning to tackle a ball carrier. He also looked like he was leading with his shoulder. Their helmets happened to hit.

    It probably doesn't help your cause when you hit as hard as Timmons does.

    I think the NFL should really try and look at the intent on a hit. IMHO hitting a defenseless receiver or a late hit or a hit out of bounds seem to have more malice. Malice should be fined. But these unfortunate bumps should be overlooked. They just happen. It's football.

    You can always fix it by taking their helmets off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    Well, the fine may take away Timmon's will to make a big hit. So while it was worth it in the sense of this one game, it may be very expensive in the long run.

    But that's today's NFL.
    I think instincts will kick in and Timmons does the same thing in the future. When he lauched he was going to hit Sanchez in the chest but Sanchez stepped forward when he threw the ball and lowered his body. Nothing you can do about that. Beside $21K is nothing to Timmons and he probably got all kinds of "feel good" from his coaches and teammates.

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    I think the NFL needs to change the rules on QBs once they leave the pocket. I get protecting a QB in the pocket, but once they take off, they should be fair game like any other ballcarrier.

    Of course, this will never happen, but it's nice to dream.

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    This BS rule has gotten out of hand!!!

    What I want to know is, Where is the "INTENT TO INJURE" by Timmons???

    HUH?? HUH???

    There is no intent, that's why!!!

    Timmons lowered his head when he saw Sanchez tuck the ball...

    So you're telling me Timmons now has to make a 2nd adjustment in the blink of
    an eye because Sanchez changed from Runner BACK to being a Passer!!!!

    The offensive player can change his "Target", but it's on the defender to
    make the adjustment to avoid H-to-H???

    Total and utter F-ing crap!!!

    Blow it out your collective @$$es NFL!!!!

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    side note: c'mon timmons, $21,000 is not alot of money when you are making millions. its only 1% if you make 2.1 million per year. 1/2% if you make 4.2 million.
    that's like one of us being fined $5 or $10.
    what the nfl should do is fine a player a certain % of his yearly contract. that would be fair for everybody. joeshmoe longsnapper gets hit harder with the $21,000 fine than woodley would for the exact same infraction.

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    The Timmons-on-Sanchez hit was essentially the same as the Harrison-on-McCoy hit (only Sanchez wasn't knocked loopy but still allowed to re-enter the game). Both QB's were running toward the line of scrimmage, and both LB's tried to hit them in the numbers, but both QB's suddenly pulled up and threw the ball at the last second, then dropped his helmet right into the LB's target zone.

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    This hit was more deserving of a fine than pretty much all the hits that Harrison was fined for. JH didn't even draw a flag for most of the hits he was fined for. Hell, maybe why that's why he's taking so long to come back from knee surgery: He is saving tons of $ while not playing.


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