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I'll even make it easier to find:


D Rock: A real Steelers RB would do it if they had to.

lloydroid: Based on...............?????????? Are you suggesting Jack Lambert wasn't tough since a turf toe made him retire?

D Rock: Do you always make things up that have no relation to what was said?

lloydroid: Try to follow along if you can. The assertion was made that "a real running back would still play with turf toe." That is an assertion that is straight forward and simple. Hence, if one believes the above, then one would also, likely and logically, think Lambert wasn't a "real LB" since he retired from the same injury. If you apply basic logic, you will "get it."

Here are the facts on the injury. Please feel free to learn. Thank you.

And? Where is the ad hominem attack? If anything, my point was made crystal clear. If one is claiming that a "real back" can play through turf toe, then one would be indicting Jack Lambert as not being a "real LB" since turf toe made him not only miss games, but retire. I don't know what you are tripping all over yourself about. My assertion was logical: One cannot make the claim that a "real back" could play through turf toe without indicting Lambert as being "not real."

Also, note at who slighted the other first. Did you fail to notice that part? I believe you have selective reading and comprehension; you see things that are not there and fail to notice things that are.