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Did he wear shoulder pads and a helmet? Probably not. Did he get hit? No.

Did he do resistance training? Probably.

It's not debatable though.. Anyone that has played football and especially wrestling will tell you.... You can get into good shape, lift weights, run/bike, resistance training, core training, high intensity workout, etc....

They all work but it's not the same. I've done all of the above, but the first couple weeks of football practice was always hell. 2 a days... soreness, etc. Wrestling... well, thats even worse from a conditioning perspective.
Well guess what? I played football too, and I am also a certified trainer, and I will guarantee you that Wallace does very sport specific training to simulate real action that occurs on the football field. It's cool that you played sports at your high school but to compare your training and experience to what Mike Wallace does during his off season program is far fetched to say the least. A muscle pull is normally caused by a muscular imbalance, just looking at Wallaces running form and the way his feet angle outward like a duck when he runs it's safe to assume that the pull or strain was caused by a physiological imbalance as opposed to something football related.