Source: The Associated Press

Pittsburgh Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer (toe) is dealing with turf toe and will be limited in practice early in the week.
Turf toe is a significant injury, especially for a RB. Let's not forget: Turf toe made Jack Lambert retire. I have a good friend who has been suffering from the ailment for years and the doctor just recently told him: "You have the toe of a 75-year old."

This could likely be the end to the JD campaign and push Mendenhall's return quicker than they ideally wished. JD is not practicing, RM is. And Tomlin said that they would "knock him around some this week" so RM's participation is being ramped up.

It's a bummer. I had high hopes for JD and it's not looking like they will come to fruition at this point. I guess it just wasn't in the cards. Back to Spinderhall and Redman on goal line. Sigh.