I have this theory that Godell hates the Steelers and is a Patriot lover. This goes back to slapping the Patriot franchise on the wrist for cheating, sitting up in Pats owners box every other sunday, suspending Ben for 4 games (1 quarter of a year) and yet Ben has never been convicted of a crime. Yet thugs like Marshawn Lynch, K Britt, Donte Stallworth again barely get any punishments although they have actual charges filed, not once but several times.
Then I take a look at this years schedule (worst opening game for us would be at Dnv; No R Clark) Then lets give them Tebow and the jets and let them fly out west again to face the Raiders. We were also given the worst bye week (4) then get Philly as a reward after bye.
The Pats first few games and most of their schedule is a joke. Its an automatice 3-0 start. I know Godell must not sit there and make up the schedule himself but Im sure he has some input.

Just venting but I feel the Pats got away with cheating, other players get away with murder and the Steelers are Godells play toyz for punishments. I wish Godell would be ran out of this league. He may personally ruin the NFL by himself!