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Lebeau is more aggressive with the DBs at times. Ironically, last year against Denver the D would have been better served with the traditional approach (play off, avoid big plays) than with the approach that was used.

The run defense is also an issue. If the Steelers can't stop the run without Troy in the box, there is less safety help available and more risk to press man coverage.
Yeah, good point about the run defense as well. They looked a hot mess out there. I was watching the replay of the game thinking to myself, the defense looks like they have on magnetic jerseys. Whenever they weren't getting tossed around, they were being gobbled by Denver's O-line. This defense has taken a step back. That's the reason the conservative offensive approach they took to the game was a bad idea. This defense is gonna need a lot of support from the O this year, and run, run, pass, and 14 play drives that end in fgs is not gonna cut it. That is a recipe for disaster. This offense has enough firepower if used properly to make life a little easier on the defense. And I'm not just talking TOP, I'm talking about points, as in TDs! This defense is gonna need all the help it can get.