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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 1 @ Denver

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    Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 1 @ Denver

    1. Through interminable months we waited, only to come to the day and yet be forced to wait even longer as other, presumably lesser teams began their seasons of hope which we all believed would culminate in inevitable futility as the Steelers yet again raised the Lombardi trophy. The late games finally end giving way to Football Night in America which leads into Sunday Night Football … we swing our towels, we sit down and … awwwwww crap.

    Awesome Disney bad guy is awesome

    2. Not surprising to see that this event landed in prime time – Manningstoryline #1 on a new team storyline #2 is enough on its own, but Manning on a new team after multiple surgeries storyline #3 and almost an entire year off storyline #4 taking over for Tim Tebow storyline #5 who recently departed for the Jets storyline #6 who are coached by Rex Ryan storyline #7 and Mark blah blah blah … And oh yeah, they are playing some sports against some other team – doesn’t really matter who or what. Would you just LOOK at the story lines?!

    3. I wonder how Manning FEELS to be in Denver/back from IR?! If only there was a person standing on the sidelines with a microphone to ask such vexing questions. That would make it all worthwhile having to watch this football game.

    4. How many “starters” were out on defense? How many on offense? Why did any of us expect to win this game?

    5. At least they got Mike “One-trick-pony” Wallace playing for them right? He made considerable contributions and proved himself worthy of a nice, long-term contract .. for me to poop on …

    6. No doubt this Tuesday morning finds the cities of Baltimore and Houston as filled with delusional, optimistic fans as the city of Pittsburgh is filled with soul-crushingly pessimistic fans.

    7. Why would you name your team after a getaway vehicle?

    8. I seem to remember being equally disheartened after last year’s opener.

    9. Manning is a better QB than Tebow. Heck, Newt Gingrich is a better QB than Tebow …


    10. Looks like the Steelers were trying to establish the run. Let’s go down to the field to our new sideline reporter, Joseph Ducreaux …

    Thank you Joseph …

    11. I woke up this morning to the first cool front of the season outside and the comforting/familiar theme from “The NFL Today” inside … ahhh … football season.

    12. I am surprised at how crappy the replacement refs are.

    13. Looks like there’s some action on the field … let’s go down to Joseph, what do you have for us Joe?

    Eddie Murphy would like a word with you Joseph ...

    14. The Steelers defense seemed unable to stop Denver. The offense was unable to do many things … blocking is the first thing that comes to mind … frankly the whole package left me with feelings of dread for all our futures that have only been rivaled by the recent Snooki pregnancy. Haven’t we all suffered enough?

    15. It was so bad, I was actually worried when Gilbert went down.

    16. The ONLY thing this team has had over the last two years (if not three) has been Ben’s no-huddle. The offense sputters all game long and the defense has played well enough to keep them close … then at the end of the game it was Ben’s to win if he could.

    17. That long drive to start the half … they showed a replay of the incomplete (IIRC) 3rd and goal play where the defender clearly grabbed Ben’s facemask. If I despise a penalty in the modern rule book it is the ticky-tack facemask penalty but man did they need that call there.

    18. I thought the Steelers were taking control of the game there in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. It looked like they were going to wear them down.

    19. WTF were the Donk fans booing that “leading with the helmet” penalty for? It was CLEARLY a freaking penalty.

    20. At one point in the 3rd quarter a stat was shown that indicated Ben was 9 for 10 on 3rd down (10 for 11 immediately after, once Heath converted). When the Steelers got the ball at the end of the game down by 6 they were in a position from which they’ve had great success in the past.

    21. The only other positive from the game that comes to mind was the play of Dwyer. He was running hard with good feet and making good decisions.

    22. Perspective: Patience wins the race? Well this year that would have to be “patients” winning the race.

    Like good refereeing, we underestimate the value of a healthy team until; it is not there. When the roster stays largely intact through a season the old adage “coaches coach and players play” rings true. But the situation the Steelers face is hardly one of health or stability – it is at this time that the value of coaching and organization comes into play. I guess we will see just how good the vaunted Steelers organization is this year because this team needs all the help it can get.
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    Outstanding as always. The highlight of game week.
    Playing Fantasy Football does not qualify you to be the in the front office or on the coaching staff of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are professionals and you are not!

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    ​There is hope for journalism !!!

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    When you start dropping Joseph Decreaux, these no longer seem redundant.

    So I look this guy up on Wikipedia and am totally confused by this part:

    "Ducreux's self-portrait Portrait de l'artiste sous les traits d'un moqueur has become subject to internet popularity as part of an internet meme in which gangsta rap song lyrics and similar tropes are paraphrased in, and juxtaposed with, verbose, elevated or pseudo-archaic English and overlaid on top of the portrait to create an image macro.[6]"

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    easily the most well formatted posts on Planet Steelers. Very entertaining stuff there redundantman.

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    Welcome back redundantman! You're already in midseason form...

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    Redundantman is back it must be time for football (hope the Steelers start playing soon)

    Molon labe

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    Quote Originally Posted by redundantman View Post
    4. How many “starters” were out on defense? How many on offense? Why did any of us expect to win this game?
    a lot of us didn't think we would win, but we now have to find another team to root for since we tried to be realistic.

    shame on us, what were we thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Outstanding as always. The highlight of game week.
    That is kind of you. Thank you.


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