...and that should = Loss for Steelers!!

The Steelers don't have a Defensive Line! Hood, Hampton, Keisel, along with
McLendon, and Heyward played like little girls vs Manning's version of a no-huddle,
read-option, and they were absolutley baffled!! Just as freaking baffled during last
year's Wild-Card Playoff vs Tebow...

Now looky who we have coming to town!!!! It's Tebow Time!!! Teeee-Bow!!!!

Sanchez and Company ran over the Bills, and racked up 48 points!! It was
believed that in the preseason that the Jets were the Poster-Boys for the worst
offense in the league. Ok, well I got news for you, they aint!!

The Jets are gonna look at the Bronco game tape, and dissect our run D into
streds, if the front-7 plays like a week ago. The Jets dont even need to throw the
ball, of which, they could since our CB's give the WR's 10 yard cushions to catch
the ball, and then can't tackle for nothing. Did the DB's have one pass break-up vs
the Broncos??

So looky for the Jets to implement a no-huddle, wild-cat, read-option for both
Sanchez and Tebow, and get ready for the carnage!!! The Jets will RUTFM
all game long!!!

Of course, LeBeau will be his stubborn old-self, and never adjust. Good luck
Dicky with the defensive game-plan...the Steelers D will need it.

Haley will continue where he left off with the RRP concept that we are all
familiar with. Run on 1st, and 2nd, then pass on 3rd. Where's Arianus when
you need him!!!!???

The Steelers will move the ball slowly but surely, and eat some clock. Only to
freak up, and settle for a 25 yard FG...

It's really a travesty, because I believe we have the best WR Corp in the league, bar
none. Throw in Miller, and Rainey, and I think we can score some points...

But Haley wont adjust, and we be looking slow and sad....

Final Predictions...

Jets run for 200+ yards!

Steelers settle for 4 FG's of 30 yards or less!

Jets 31 Steelers 12. And that = We in deep $h!t!!