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Thread: Do we sign a new O Lineman This week?

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    Jon Scott just signed with the Bears, so thankfully we can cross him off as a possibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    For us it is just a matter of surviving until the new TV money hits the cap in 2014. This is the price we pay for trying to hold together a team because they know the system versus getting younger players ready sooner. Unfortunately, when the new dollars come in 2014 I'm not sure it will give us alot of flexibility because we have pushed lots of money out until then.
    What young players should be starting? What veterans should be released or benched?

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    Pitt, I base my opinion on two is Redman gashed the Broncos in the playoffs. Second, the Broncos gave up 126 yards a game rushing last season...thats 22nd. We couldn't run on them...that's only one of the reasons I believe our OL had a terrible game. They may get their ish together...but against Denver they looked really bad.

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    Legursky was awful. Terrible. Yes, I understand he is the 3rd string RG, but for a guy who has started a decent number of games and played in many others, he should be much better than that.


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