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Ben had just driven the Steelers for field that took about 5 minutes off the clock; I'm not sure what that was in real time, but lets just leave it at 5 minutes. The scramble by Manning for a 1st down was the 6th play of the ensuing drive and it was in the no huddle. I'm hoping that our LBs are in good enough condition to play 6 plays consecutively without looking like they're running in mud which is what Timmons looked like on that particular play. The defense just looked sluggish and lethargic at times last night. There also was probably a lot of miscommunication due to new faces taking on expanded roles, Carter, Allen, Heyward, Hood, and Worilds. Manning showed the world why he will be a HOFer the moment his 5 year waiting period is up.

All-in-all I was more disappointed with the offense, not the defense, giving up 24 points to Peyton Manning should be good enough to win the game. In today's NFL you have to be able to consistently put 24 plus points on the board or you will lose to good teams. You can beat bad teams with 19 points, but the good teams are going to score 24 plus points every game, the Steeler offense needs to be able to match that, last night they didn't.

The O was OK, other than that they squeezed 6 points out of 14 on two of their trips to the RZ.

The int. to Porter was on Ben. Ben also missed an open Wallace. But those will happen to any QB; Ben played well, although not lights out.

Eventually the D put too much pressure on the O, and the Denver D was better than the Pit D.