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Thread: Very slow looking lifeless defense

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    a voice of reason...
    So, now you like optimism?

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    Biggest disappointment was the LB play. They were completely swallowed up by the Denver DL. Timmons looked a bloated bumbler taking bad angles and slooow. Foote represented well, but won't remind anyone of a probowler. Carter?... did he make a tackle?

    Is Mundy really the Steelers best option for backing up Clark? The guy just never seems to be in position to make a play. The TD was as much on Mundy as it was on Troy. He played the outside instead of taking away the inside.

    I don't think the Defense will be as bad as they looked last night. It will just take some time for the new guys to get adjusted to NFL game speed. I agree with others, I hope we find a guy the can step up with some attitude. Need to see more nasty from the LBs and DL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    So, now you like optimism?
    I like realism, sorry you have a problem with that concept.


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