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Thread: False Start, Number 74.

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    It's the thin Denver air sound don't travel as far there

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    Maybe Colon was scared the DT was gonna run past him?

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    heard a rumor he is deaf in his right ear...splains everything.

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    What was his excuse when he was right tackle ? He had his left ear towards the signal caller then. I thought he was finally going to show his worth at being a guard because God knows he stunk as a tackle and I have a feeling he will be just as lousy at guard. Just another Dominican they're trying to pass off as a Cuban.

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    I will give Colon this: He is at least 2x or 3x better than Kemoeatu as a LG.


    false start - 5 yards
    holding - 10 yards
    personal foul - 15 yards

    at least Colon is on the low end of that list

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    Colon was on his back so much I'm surprised he doesn't have his number imprinted in the Bronco's football field. At least Kemoeatu could run block and not get biitch slapped like Colon.

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    Funny how people see things differently. Chadman thought the left side of the line held up ok. Colon looked fine. Starks looked fine. The right side struggled, but then, they are maybe not as surprising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelhere10 View Post
    Colon is a wasted 5million that should be in Wallace pocket. Until the organization wake up and dump him and Lergursky, the Oline will continue to look the same.

    wallass doesnt want to be steeler longterm

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    wallass doesnt want to be steeler longterm
    Yep...until some of Wallace's supporters "wake up" and realize he doesn't like the everyday, head to head competition with Antonio Brown they won't see he doesn't want to deal with that longterm. He knows that Brown is the real dynamic star and he is a "one trick pony." His performance suffered the second half of last season dealing with that so he sees the handwriting on the wall.

    If Wallace does leave I'll bet he signs for only a little more than the Steelers already offered at $9-9.5M per year.


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