by Mark Kaboly
Sept. 7, 2012

Ike Taylor not happy with Stephen A. Smith's comments, and lets him know about it

ESPN First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith had some choice words about Ike Taylor on Friday that got a not-so-pleasant Twitter response from Ike Taylor. First, this is what Stephen A. Smith said on the show:

"Defensively is where the problem is with the Pittsburgh Steelers. First, you still have Ike Taylor in your secondary. I didn't know he was allowed back in the NFL after the way he performed against the Denver Broncos. A banishment is a worthy consideration. I say that jokingly because I am sure he is a good guy and all that stuff. But Ike Taylor, I am sorry babe, you don't know how much you let me down in that game with Tebow. It is going to be a long time before I get over that one because that was one of the most horrific performances by a cornerback that I've ever seen in NFL history."

Ike Taylor responded with a series of Tweets to Smith:

Ike Taylor ‏@Ike_SwagginU
"#GOINGIN @stephenasmith do me a favor keep my NAME out of your mouth, I don't know if your ever played a down of football and dont really

Ike Taylor ‏@Ike_SwagginU
Give two you know what's this is your second time saying something I've held back from saying something in training camp.NOW I feel like

Ike Taylor ‏@Ike_SwagginU
You taking this too far, if you have a personal opinion about me tell that to me like a MAN. I have two sister, and mom my son and his mom

Ike Taylor ‏@Ike_SwagginU
Too hear that BS your talking put your selfish in my position you F "N with my Money, and I don't like that. Im a straight up no BS MAN.

You have another opinion get at me or put a leash on your MOUTH... #SWURVE ...