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Yeah, I realize that things happen, but I also have to wonder about the planning, or lack thereof.

Also, not to sound insensitive, but I didn't see a mention of foregoing a game check. I realize players practice for most of the year, but Ben is essentially paid to perform for 16 -20 games per year. And really, with the defense on the field roughly half the game, he's paid to perform for about 24 hours a year. If Ben wants to take a game off for personal reasons, he should, at a minimum, forego a game check and return the appropriate pro-rated portion of his signing bonus.
My comments about the calendar and gestation period were tongue in cheek. It seems they attempted to plan for a summer baby, but were off by a month or two, there are many reasons for that. As long as the Pittsburgh Football Steelers are fine with Ben taking a "day" off, I'm fine with it as well, since I don't have to pay him.