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Thread: Prediction Thread: Steelers @ Broncos Week One

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    I think that our starting lineup of Starks-Colon-Pouncey-Foster-Gilbert is better than what we had when we faced off against them last year. Yeah, losing DDC hurts, but the line is still an improvement over last season, so let's see what they can do.

    I also feel like Ike is going to have a great game. I know they tell you that you just have to forget about the bad one and move on-and that he has. But ya gotta think he's just been itchin' for this one.

    I do think that the temp-officials could have an impact on the outcome of the game. I honestly can't believe the NFL is going to operate like this. Some Bull$h!t

    But, this whole team should be frothing at the mouth!

    I'm gonna say:


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    Deck the Broncos, they're just Yonkos. Fah gah gah gah gah, gah gah gah gah.

    Steelers 28
    Yonkos 17

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    2.56 TE Clive Walford, 6'4" 251
    3.87 CB Alex Carter, 6'0" 196
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    5.160 FS Kurtis Drummond, 6'1" 208
    6.199 WR Stefon Diggs, 6'0" 195
    6.212c CB Cam Thomas, 6'0" 195
    7.239 OLB Obum Gwachum, 6'5" 246

    Priority UDFA's:
    RB John Crockett, 6'0" 217
    RB Corey Grant, 5'9" 201
    DE B.J. Dubose, 6'4" 284
    DE Martin Ifedi, 6'3" 275
    FS Jordan Haden, 5'11" 200
    P Spencer Roth, 6'4" 227

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    Hey Roger...
    Steelers crush the donks 34-17 and Manning gets wheeled off the field like Stephen Hawking.
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    I have the feeling the Steelers will come out swinging early on. The fact that Ryan Clark is out doesn't hurt as much as Ryan Mundy has been playing quite a bit in the preseason. Mike Wallace will make a big play over the top and the running game mixed with Redman and Dwyer will have success. This game will come down to turnovers and Peyton's ability not to be rusty and being sharp with his new receivers which could be an issue early on. I see the Steelers creating a couple of turnovers and Big Ben taking advantage of the Broncos with the exceptional corp of pass catchers he has. The Donkeys will keep it close but I like the Boys from the Burgh!

    Steelers 27
    Broncos 19
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    I don't expect Manning to do any better than 316 yards 2 TDs and no picks in his first game back. That was Tebow's stat line in the playoff game and we still took them to OT with a gimpy Ben.

    I'm also concerned about the current health of the team but at the end of the day, the Steelers are still better than the Broncos.

    Road Revenge Special
    Steelers 27 Donkeys 17

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    Broncos 20
    Steelers 17

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    I have no freakin idea!
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.

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    Everyone seems to be assuming that this is the Peyton Manning of yesteryear. I'm not buying it. I don't think Manning has fully recovered and Clayton just last week said he was having issues throwing to his right. Plus Antonio Brown is going to have a huge game. Two TDs for him.

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    Is Ben limping?

    If not, then Steelers win...

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    Well you know Manning will be going after Keenan Lewis early and often, that's a given. The Steelers are probably playing without Harrison and Mendenhall and definitely without Decastro, but Ben is playing and so is Wallace. I can't see this game getting away from either team and I'll take Steelers, 24-23. I probably should have picked this one for my week one MNF executive, the FG could come late after Ben drives them down the field and gives sushi a chip shot with little time on the clock.


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    5.152) David Johnson, RB, North Iowa
    6.183) Sean Mannion, QB, Oregon St.
    7.214) Lynden Trail, OLB, Norfolk St.

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