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Thread: Prediction Thread: Steelers @ Broncos Week One

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    Prediction Thread: Steelers @ Broncos Week One

    so let's hear your prediction for this Sunday's opener:

    unfortunately, too many injuries...

    Broncos 27
    Steelers 20

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    Agree, this one seems stacked against us. Close game, but we ultimately lose.

    Broncos 20
    Steelers 17

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    Steelers 28
    Broncos 13

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    Broncos 38
    Steelers 3

    Joking...can't believe we have guys actually saying we will lose this game.

    Steelers 28
    Broncos 24

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    can't believe we have guys actually saying we will lose this game.

    Steelers 28
    Broncos 24
    it's a coping mechanism thing, prepare for the worst and then when we win we can be pleasantly surprised.

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    Hmmm... without a starting safety against Manning? Deebo will probably not be himself. They also have an edge in the kicking game, which is what this could come down to.

    I expect us to win, but this is indeed a tough situation. My prediction? PAIN!!!


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    I'm surprised such a % also believe we will most likely lose. I do to. We have so many things stacked against us, on this one.

    1.) Prime time game, away, first week of the year. Bronco fans will be rabid.
    2.) Peyton's 1st game back, with his new team, after 1 year off.
    3.) Without starting FS. Clark does make a difference. Not nearly as physical without him.
    4.) The NFL's desirous want for Manning to come out looking good and winning.

    #4 probably concerns me the most. Don't be shocked if we get our best plays called back
    for "holding" while Denver doesn't get any flags thrown on their biggest plays. (They
    will throw some laundry on Denver but on plays that weren't that productive to
    being with.) Just look what it can cost us on some Rainey returns. Or a big rush
    by Dwyer. Or a bomb to Wallace. I fully expect the deck to be stacked against us.

    But, the best news: Losing this one won't hurt us, it might even get the fellas more
    focused early in the season. You can't be reading your press clips and getting a big
    head when you lost a game.

    Pgh 23
    Denver 27

    This is Manning's big re-introduction. It will probably go his way. But if we get pressure on
    him, it could be a different story. But will they be able to? Woodley is a notorious slow starter
    come beginning of season; #92 not in football shape. Our D-line is going to have to create
    some pressure on their own, and in our 3-4 that isn't easy.

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    More than winning, I think it's more important that we don't suffer any more injuries,
    including big hits on Ben. If we can escape healthy, I will be OK even if we lose. Plenty
    of games left, and if we see Denver in the play offs again, I feel good about beating them

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    I don't like the Steelers chances in this one. Which means we'll win since I'm always wrong.

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    steelers lose a close one, 24-20.


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