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Thread: Steelers Name Keenan Lewis a Starter; Cortez Allen Ready as Well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Yeah, I guess I remember Charred Scott...more than any DB who was even remotely serviceable.
    The Steelers had some bad luck with 1st round DBs back in the 90s...

    Chad Scott with his ACL in 1998 as well as Deon Figures with his odd gunshot wound back in 1995...

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    Lewis has had his share of brainfarts but seems a solid player otherwise. I was hoping Lewis could be a Deshea Townsend, but maybe doesn't have the same football smarts. Allen is simply a ballhawk in the mold of a Woodson. The WRs in the game nowadays have blazing speed on top of strength, so even Woodson would be challenged in covering these days.

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    rather have tez in there starting

    lewis strikes me as a bigger slower steeler type corner that will let the receiver catch the ball and concentrate on talking him/keeping it in front of him while allen has the talent to contest the pass

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    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig View Post
    What love did we deny him ?
    Chadman is withholding his love until Lewis' 3rd start. We all know what the 3rd date means..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    Chadman is withholding his love until Lewis' 3rd start. We all know what the 3rd date means..

    yep..i show the love when there is something to love
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