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Thread: The Newest from Everyone's favorite villain, Mark Madden

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    It is typical Madden garbage. His "gimmick" is to be the local sportscaster who criticizes the local teams. For whatever reason it works because there are enough idiots in Pittsburgh listening that they keep him on. The problem with what he says is that he just makes up crap or paraphrases what others say. Any of a dozen posters on this board could provide more informed sports commentary than he does.
    Exactly right. The guy is a fat turd, who is long past HIS expriration date.

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    My anxiety level rises when I watch the NFL channel and they're doing segments on the Steelers or they're doing a segemnt on the most famous NFL voices or the best linebacker group etc, etc and they seem to have all these pleasant brodcasters that dress proffesional, speak proffesional, weigh under 1000 lbs and then we have Madden to represent our team, our city. Makes my skin craw seeing that rotted tooth ball of walking talking vomit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    Exactly right. The guy is a fat turd, who is long past HIS expriration date.

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    I can't believe I watched that whole pathetic thing. Just like Madden couldn't believe that a female actually came in contact with his crotch. What a piece of crap.

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    ​Mark who ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    I can't believe I watched that whole pathetic thing. Just like Madden couldn't believe that a female actually came in contact with his crotch. What a piece of crap.
    Someone needs to tell Madden , " when he pays for a female, it doesn't really count like it's a real attraction or a relationship in the real world "

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    It would be funny to have a looping animated gif of that lady wrestler just repeatedly hitting Madden in the huevos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    ​Mark who ?
    James Harrison doesn't know who he is either...

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    Hey makes his living by pizzing off Steeler fans. Why engage that nonsense?
    Exactly; he's just a turd who tries to incite anger from Steeler fans. Whoopity dooo, like I give two sh-ts about what that fat @ss has to say.

    I believe there are some key areas where we have improved, and others where we have digressed either through injury or age. And while I don't see the Bengals getting any love...they are definately a team on the up. So, saying the Steelers could come in third is not out of the question...while I believe it to be unlikely.
    They are still the Bengals, owned and ran by Mike Brown, meaning they will F up more than get better, on average. We will see how good Dalton is as teams now have film on him. He will probably remain solid, but not elite. Ravens have every bit as many questions as do the Steelers. And you want to talk about getting old? Their STAR MLB is 37, their star safety is what? 35? It's funny how all the media pukes keep saying Pgh's D is old, as they did last year, when PS were, what, bottom 1/2 of the league? On the same level as the horrid GB and NE Dees? Oh, no, that's right, Pgh was still the BEST DEFENSE IN THE NFL last year. THIS is the D that is such a concern? No other contender has a D any better.

    1) A healthy Ben is HUGE...and he wasn't healthy most of last season. I suspect with Haley...Ben will have the biggest season of his career if he can stay healthy.
    I think so. As long as the O line doesn't lose anymore players - maybe we can afford a few lost games here and there, but if the OL is fairly stable, and can actually get a rushing game going, then Ben will have a huge year, with Brown, Wallace, Sanders, Coutcery, Miller,

    2) OL...even with the injury to DeCastro...MUCH improved. I believe Colon will be a pro bowl caliber guard. Gilbert will take time to warm up...but I see no reason he should digress this season. Starks being back is HUGE. Pouncey is elite. Foster is the only weak link and I think he is more than serviceable. That certainly beats our patch work line of last season...which will help Ben stay healthy and will break open the running game.

    3) I believe we have the best 4 WRs in the NFL...Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Cotchery...that is tough. Adding Rainey to that just stupid with talent and speed.
    Indeed. (I should have read whole post before responding to each point.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggiebones View Post
    Some teams are old some young.
    Ed: Steelers have 8th-Oldest Roster in NFL


    The Steelers have the eighth-oldest roster in the National Football League, according to STATS.

    Based on Active Roster (age as of 09/05/2012)

    Team Years Days Players

    1. Detroit Lions 27 326 53
    2. San Diego Chargers 27 292 52
    3. Atlanta Falcons 27 183 53
    4. Arizona Cardinals 27 141 53
    5. San Francisco 49ers 27 121 53
    6. Buffalo Bills 27 81 53
    7. Chicago Bears 27 67 53
    8. Pittsburgh Steelers 27 61 53
    9. Baltimore Ravens 27 23 53
    10. Oakland Raiders 27 7 53
    11. Denver Broncos 26 355 53
    12. Washington Redskins 26 333 53
    13. New York Giants 26 327 53
    14. Houston Texans 26 327 53
    15. New Orleans Saints 26 308 53
    16. New York Jets 26 248 52
    17. Carolina Panthers 26 203 53
    18. Jacksonville Jaguars 26 196 54
    19. Dallas Cowboys 26 154 53
    20. Tennessee Titans 26 145 53
    21. Indianapolis Colts 26 138 53
    22. Cincinnati Bengals 26 120 53
    23. Kansas City Chiefs 26 115 53
    24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26 100 53
    25. New England Patriots 26 88 53
    26. Seattle Seahawks 26 78 53
    27. Green Bay Packers 26 73 53
    28. Minnesota Vikings 26 54 53
    29. Miami Dolphins 26 47 52
    30. Philadelphia Eagles 26 19 53
    31. Cleveland Browns 26 8 53
    32. St. Louis Rams 25 300 53



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