I thought my last post until after the Denver game next Sunday was made. I ended the post on the thread naming the PS players with On to Denver.

For me, then, everything was in place and now only total focus on the upcoming game was in order. But, since this move will also impact the game somewhat I guess it could be discussed.

According to the new IR rules, the move will be made Tuesday, Sep 4. From what I read in past threads here, the game plan is put in on Wed the game week so the player will be ready.

Who will be brought up/in?

Actually, this Q is an extension of a thread with fans correctly explaining the new rule now on a back page.
[URL="http://www.planetsteelers.com/forums/showthread.php/38301-NFLPA-agrees-to-rule-changes-IR-Rules%21%21%21"]NFLPA agrees to rule changes: IR Rules!!![/URL]

D Rock said: "I'm slightly confused....cuts need to be made by tomorrow, but the IR player who is eligible to return must be placed there after Sept. 4th. So I take that to mean that someone still must be cut and exposed to waivers to get to the 53 players right now, but come Sept. 4th at 4 PM the Steelers can then put Decastro on the short term IR and bring that other previously cut player back

Costanza2k1 [thread starter]said: "The way the rule is in play, someone will need to be cut...DeCastro kept and then he'll go on IR with that someone getting signed back on the active roster after the 4th.

Hmm! Just saw this article in the Trib.[completly sums everything up]. It does mention that the Steelers could/might save the IR rule's use till a later date. [not likely] unless??