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I would be fairly surprised if RM was productive by Sept. That seems pretty quick to recover from an ACL. Maybe there have been advances in technology or something. RM ran like a wussy before his injury. What can we expect of him after a serious knee injury? Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised, but I have a hard time believing RM will be productive so soon.
Adrian Peterson tore his ACL a week before Mendenhall (Mendenhall's injury was on New Year's Day, and Peterson's injury was on Christmas Eve). Right now, Peterson is 50-50 to start week one. Judging by the fact that Mendenhall was in uniform last night, I figure that Mendenhall isn't too far behind Peterson in terms of their rehab.

As for Mendenhall running like a "wussy" and Dwyer being the best RB we have...you do realize that Mendenhall has nearly 4000 yards of total offense and 30 touchdowns on his resume, right? Dwyer's has 151 rushing yards in his entire career, while Mendenhall has 3 single games with at least that many rushing yards (151 against Buffalo on 11-28-10, 155 against Denver on 11-9-09, and 165 against San Diego on 10-4-09).