I am not usually one of those "Claim we should sign every single free agent that gets cut" and I find those dudes kind of annoying, always saying we should pick up every free agent ever mentioned, even when they are obviously not a fit. Like, "Let's sign TO" when Pgh is the most anti-TO type of team of all time.

But, in this case, I SEE a fit. Skins just cut Hightower. He's a decent, pretty solid back. We are thin at back, being that we have NO ONE healthy who has EVER proven they can play a full load week to week. As discussed, ad nauseum, Redman is a weekly injury waiting to happen, and JD seems to "tap out" very quickly up to this point. That leaves us with a 3rd down back with Rainey, and a total unproven Batch. Hightower would be excellent insurance at running back. No, he is not a future hall of famer, but he is solid. He will never be a top 5 or 10 back, but he would do plenty good enough if we needed him, and he is pretty proven to stay healthy from what I recall.

Pick up Hightower. He would come cheap. Other wise, if we rely on IR and JD only, we could be in deep trouble. I love JD's skill, but I admit he is unproven, as far as being able to touch the rock 25 times a game. I have no idea if he will hold up. I know Hightower can. He runs pretty hard and has some quicks to him. A lot more than IR, any how.