Excellent news for DeCastro! Someone just gained a roster spot.

The NFL Players Association and management council have approved rule changes involving the injured reserve list and trade deadline, according to a league source.
The IR rule change, voted on by owners in May, provides an extra roster spot to temporarily replace a player who suffers a major injury but would be able to return for the second half of the season.
Under the current rules, if a player suffers a major injury before the regular-season opener and the team doesn't have the roster space to carry him until he's healthy, the player is put on IR and is lost for the season.
There are certain restrictions to the injured list rule, the biggest being only players placed on IR after 4 p.m. ET on September 4, will be eligible to be activated.
For 2012 only, the parties also agreed to a transition procedure that permits clubs to return to their 53-player active list one player placed on IR at the start of preseason training camp. That election must be made by 9 p.m. ET on Friday.
Also, the trade deadline will be extended from after the sixth week of the regular season to after the eighth.