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Thread: Waive Claims

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    Hopefully, that will not be necessary. But frankly, that OLB to ILB almost never works. But, in an emergency if there is no choice what else?

    IIRC a few years ago in an emergency Faneca had to play LT. Carnell Lake had to be used as a corner. These were HOF type players and they were really only okay at the change. I think maybe early James H. did some Inside stuff, but really this does not work usually. Even great players have a hard time making it work.

    How did M. McFadden do. Are they going to keep him? The other one I really did not notice at all. I'm surprised there is no concern on this.
    I think it is possible that Sylvester will be back for week 2. That will take a lot of the pressure off on trying to figure this all out for the coaches.

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    Harrison has played ILB before in this defense...

    For a time, he was the top backup LB at 3 of the 4 LB spots...

    If someone had to kick inside, he would be able to do so...

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    A few interesting names:

    Green Bay waived WR Tori Gurley, who is likely an upgrade over the current group of contenders for the #5 spot. The Eagles waived Chad Hall and mock-draft favorite Marvin McNutt, in addition to Brandon Washington, who also made his way into a few mock drafts.


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