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Thread: Gerry Dulac's Steelers chat transcript: 8.29.12

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    Gerry Dulac's Steelers chat transcript: 8.29.12

    Gerry Dulac's Steelers chat transcript: 8.29.12


    JR in Maryland: Can we reasonably expect Ramon Foster to hold his own abainst Halota Ngota?

    Gerry Dulac: Nobody reasonably holds their own against Haloti Ngata. It's not Foster's fault. But I would have liked to see how Decastro blocked him.

    pghsportsfan: Gerry, has there been any news re: DeCastro's knee surgery?

    Gerry Dulac: No, other than he had it. Mike Tomlin has become paranoid about discussing injuries, and he has let it be known to everybody on the team not to discuss them. It's so unlike other teams that even have press conference with their trainers to detail injuries or answer questions about them.

    Froggy: Regarding DeCastro, I find it hard to believe that the Steelers would tie up a roster spot just for the possibility that a rookie guard (no matter how good) might be able to play late in the season. Even if he can play, he's not going to be 100%.

    Gerry Dulac: I agree. I would be surprised if they did that, unless they thought he could come back within six weeks. And I don't think that's the case here.

    And while I think DeCastro is good and will be outstanding very shortly, I don't think the team has such little faith in Ramon Foster to warrant carrying Decastro for 8-10 weeks...or longer.

    SteelerFanInDallas: Is this the year that Timmons will live up to his potential?

    Gerry Dulac: The coaches -- and I -- certainly hope so. That's why they don't want to move him to outside LB if there are injuries. The coaches want him to stay inside, where he is more comfortable and more disruptive. No knock against Timmons, but he looked like just another player when he had to move to the outside last year. It's time for him to live up to the expectations his teammates and coaches have for him.

    Wexford: Do you think Harrison or Worilds will really be able to play in Denver?

    Gerry Dulac: That is the hope and intent. They have been cleared to practice Monday. All that remains is to see how their injuries react, especially Harrison's knee. If he has a setback this time, it might be a long time before he gets back on the field.

    DormontyDawson: Any chance for RB Ford to make team? He looked stout in limited action.

    Gerry Dulac: He did, but the injury really hurts his chances because he won't get another opportunity to impress the coaches.I think they're all set with Redman, Dwyer, Rainey and Baron Batch, plus they have to carry Mendenhall on the 53-man roster. There's not any room for him.

    Wexford: Wallace: starter in Denver or part timer?

    Gerry Dulac: I would be shocked if they let him start after his holdout. I think he will play in Denver, but I think they will go real slow with putting him back with the first-team offense. Of course, Mike Tomlin would not cut off his nose to spite his face -- at least, you wouldn't think so. The Steelers are in the business of winning games and Wallace gives them the best chance to do that. I never met a coach who didn't play the guys who give him the best chance to win.

    pghsportsfan: Do you think that the Steelers are better off with Wallace, even though he may be disruptive to the team if he does't get a L-T deal?

    Gerry Dulac: No question they're better off. He makes everyone around him better because he tends to create more space for them. And you can't find many guys, if any, with his type of speed. But the disruptive factor will be monitored because Wallace has a propensity for being a pinch petulant and moody when he doesn't get the football.

    pghsportsfan: Do you think that the Steelers are willing to commit $90-$100 million on two receivers (Brown and Wallace)?

    Gerry Dulac: They have never done it before and I'm not sure they will do it now. I think it's more feasible they put the franchise tag on him after the season and keep him one more year for about $10 million or so. The Steelers played their hand pretty quickly when Wallace didn't show up to camp and they signed Antonio Brown to an extension. But I think they did that because they are not overly optimistic they can sign Wallace to a long-term deal. He wants too much money and will probably try to seek it on the free-agent market.

    JamesinNYC: Did anyone reciever step up further to take the 5th spot?

    Gerry Dulac: David Gilreath, first year free agent from Wisconsin, probably has the inside track for the fifth spot. But Derrick Williams, former PSU receiver, made it a battle with his perfomance last week. Tomorrow night will probably be the deciding moment.


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    Is it even remotely possible we keep Williams and Gilreath?


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