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Thread: Mike Wallace has arrived

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snatch98 View Post
    He's been busting his ass the entire time with Shaw in Florida. I sincerely doubt the guy shows up out of shape, especially when he wants a new contract. His hamstring is going to be fine.
    Just going on past events; it would not be surprising if he ends up dinged. Those fast guys are really tight and hammies go when football starts if they haven't been playing football. Hope not. Just saying.

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    should have reduced his tender when they had the chance

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    He is not allowed to have a full practice according to the new CBA rules till next week, but he can attend meetings,walkthroughs, etc.....
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydroid View Post
    Just going on past events; it would not be surprising if he ends up dinged. Those fast guys are really tight and hammies go when football starts if they haven't been playing football. Hope not. Just saying.
    Anyone else remember have some "Moons over My Hammy" after a night at the bar. I bet Denny's is one of those places that tastes like crap after you get out of college and don't eat there at 3 am. Kinda like Primanti's.

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    Wally probably won't pull a hammy or anything, cuz he's mostly not gonna "Ball-out"!!Why bother going 100%, when ur playing for only 2.7M???He's still a little b!tch!I hope Rainey smokes him in the race...JD
    The Pittsburgh Steelers: There is NO other Team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    I hope I misheard it, but they just did an update on NFLN, and I thought they said he is not expected to practice until next week?
    Sounds about right. Under the new rules, he can't practice or play for three days. Doesn't mean he can't have his nose in the playbook during that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    Should have arrived a month ago. (sorry but I'm still bitter about this whole situation.)
    I agree. He accomplished nothiung except fall behind learning the new offense

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    [URL=""]Mike Wallace ‏@Wallace17_daKid [/URL] Sorry for the wait!! [URL=""]#Steelernation[/URL]

    Mike seems to care about the fans. So we should return the love. To heck with the business. He is just a kid afterall and probably has no idea how to negotiate a multimillion dollar contract. F the biz side of football. All it does is mess with us fan's heads.

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    He might get hurt? Maybe he shouldn't have reported.

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    Wallace says he's "ready to play ball"

    Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2012
    By Mike Bires [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

    The Steelers' Mike Wallace hangs on to the ball for a 46-yard catch to the one yard line during the Steelers 27-0 win over the St. Louis Rams at Heinz Field on Saturday, December 24, 2011. The play set up a touchdown run by Rashard Mendenhall.

    PITTSBURGH -- At long last, the Mike Wallace holdout is over.

    The Steelers wide receiver showed up at team headquarters shortly after 11:30 this morning. And he pronounced himself "ready to play ball."

    After signing his one-year tender worth $2.7 million, Wallace won't be able to practice with the team for three days according to league rules. He can, however, take part in conditioning drills on his own.

    Wallace, who led the Steelers in receptions, receiving yards and touchdown catches last year, can practice with the team starting Monday.

    "Iím not worried about it at all because I have good teammates and theyíll get me ready," Wallace said when asked if he's in shape. "As far as conditioning-wise, we have two weeks until the game. Iíve been working out, and Iíve been doing really good conditioning so thatís not going to be a problem.

    "Nothing is like getting in football shape because that is a little different. So the first couple days, I might be a little more tired than some of the guys, but not because I'm not in shape. It's because it's different with pads on. I'll be ready when it's time to go Sunday night (Sept. 9) against Denver. I'm ready to play ball."

    Wallace had been holding out because he and the Steelers weren't able to come to terms on a long-term contract prior to the start of training camp.

    "I wanted to get something done," Wallace said of his holdout. "My whole time, I never wanted to be away from my teammates. I love my teammates and I love this organization. I never once wanted to be away. But that's the business side of it. We handled it the way we had to."

    Apparently, none of the Steelers are disappointed that Wallace has missed virtually all of the preseason. They understand the business part of football.

    "It's part of the business," said free safety Ryan Clark. "You understand when it's your opportunity, when it's your time to get a contract for the long-term, you have to seize it and jump on it. That's what Mike did."

    Actually, that's what Wallace tried to do. He has yet to receive a long-term contract. And he has until Sept. 9 to do so. The Steelers don't negotiate player contracts once the regular season begins.



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