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Thread: Troy overrated?!?

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    Troy overrated?!?

    Anyone agree with this? Click link for the top 10 NFL overrated players and why.
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    It's Fox Sports. I'm not gonna read it.

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    I wouldn't call Troy overrated but he does get exposed in some areas
    #1: he whiffs on a lot of open field tackles.
    #2: he's not the greatest Cover guy in the world.

    BUT having said that, you gotta take the GOOD with the BAD and the Good by far outweighs the Bad. Therefore I wouldn't call him overrated.
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    Anyone that's ever seen Troy play live could never call the guy overrated.

    I've never seen a football player do what he can do. He covers more ground than anyone in the history of the game. I've never seen a guy line up 20+ yards down field and end up making a play in the backfield. His football speed and instincts are ridonculous. And you don't see it on tv.

    Add in he's a freakish athlete that can often make himself unblockable. He can time a snap count unlike anyone I've ever seen. And he can run down a play from the backside when he shouldn't even have made it to the backfield.

    And many of the times he gets knocked for not being a form tackler, he's making an attempt at a play that no other player would likely be within 5 yards of making.

    He's not the best coverage safety. But he is also our strong safety. And while he isn't the best cover guy, I've seen him take Antonio Gates and TO out of games when they were at their peak. How many guys can do that?

    And like on the plays where he doesn't form tackle, on many of the plays he gets beat in coverage, he probably wouldn't be in the picture on those plays. So he gets knocked again for his uber athleticism and instincts.

    Other than when he's played through some nagging injury, I've only seen Troy taken to school on the football field. And it was Drew Brees that outsmarted him a few years back. I'd really only say that NO game was subpar. Brees got him. And to his credit, kudos to Brees. He's a great QB.

    I'd actually argue Troy P is underrated. He should have more DMVP awards on his mantle. When healthy, he has very few equals in the history of the game.

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    The Fox Article also doesn't take into account that (from what I'm seeing and understanding) a number of his "play making" opportunities have been shifted to Timmons. I believe that was the plan all along, by the Steelers to give the younger guy a chance to dominate and take some of the wear and tear off of Troy.

    I'm sorry but when I see an "over rated" list that doesn't include Ray Lewis -- I tend to think the Writer and I are watching a different game.


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    Overrated!!!! No WAY.

    Dudes hair has no peer in this league.

    Heck that is like calling Keisels beard "overrated".

    Frankly, I sometimes fear that they are on some kind of "follicle enhancing drugs" that will get them bounced from the league.

    Troy WE KNOW it aint just "Head and Shoulders" that gave you that mane.

    We know the commish hates Steelers, so stop the drugs before he singles you out
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    #2: he's not the greatest Cover guy in the world.
    I believe that Troy occasionally guesses wrong, which puts him far from a play. Then his amazing recovery speed allows him to get close enough to be the closest guy to a big reception. It "looks" like he couldnt cover the guy but a typical player would not be in the picture.

    If Troy did not take risks, his ability to cover would never be questioned.

    But he would make fewer highlight plays too.

    Like you said "good with the bad."

    But I dont think receivers "beat" him nearly as much as it seems.

    THAT SAID, the article is right that Troy is not CURRENTLY the same player he was a few years ago.

    About three years ago he got hurt early in the season. He played OUT OF HIS MIND that game before getting hurt. I dont see THAT guy anymore.

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    His tackling could be better. I haven't seen Troy make any one-handed-behind-the-back tackles in a few years.
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    Calling Polamalu overrated is like calling Barry Sanders overrated because he had a tendency to get tackled behind the line of scrimmage at times. Both players have their plusses and minuses, sure...but the plusses for both of these guys are absolutely MAGICAL.

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    I think TP playing hurt makes him seem overrated; he was no where near right in the play off run and SB loss vs. GB. He was playing on one leg. They picked on him all game. So, if you are basing some of his play during the stints where he is playing hurt, he appears overrated. But healthy? He isn't overrated. Just look at the D and team with him vs. without. They barely have a winning record when he's not playing. The D goes from #1 to ordinary at best when he is missing.


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