I also dont' feel as optomistic about this season as I normally do, but still ready for it to get here. If they can keep Ben upright and uninjured, anything is possible. The loss of Decastro though is big, as well as Adams not playing well in the preseason. I have faith in Starks, but he's coming off an injury as well. For the first time in recent years, I was excited about the oline, now it's as big of a concern as ever.

We've been thinner than usual at the running back position too because of injuries. And with Wallace holding out as long as he did, not sure how long it will take him and Ben to get onto the same page and get their timing down. I also hope Sanders can stay healthy. I didn't get to see the Bills game because I was at a soccer tourney, but in the prior 2 games our red zone production didn't look much better than last year.

The main concern on defense is our linebackers/depth. Who knows how Harrison will hold up. It seems like Worilds and Sylvestor can't stay healthy either. I don't remember a time when our LB depth was this spotty.

I know all teams sustain injuries and have to deal with that, but I just hope we can get some guys healthy and keep them that way. Ben's not getting any younger and can not continue to take the hits he has in the past.

I don't think it will be under .500 or feel doom and gloom, as long as we have a healthy Ben. But I'm a bit more reserved about how I think they do.