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Thread: Monday Night Football Exec. 2012

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    Most Points: 455 pts.

    Least Points: 255 pts.

    Me: 355 pts.

    So this is what average feels like, eh?

    Nice view from atop the Bell curve.

    Forced patriotism is an oxymoron.

    A government leader proclaiming that citizens have to stand proudly for the National Anthem or else they shouldn't be in the country sounds more like a mandated decree from a totalitarian dictator like Kim Jong Un rather than the leader of the Free World.

    Our ability to peacefully protest is a fundamental American right, and any attempt by our government to squash this freedom is what is truly dishonoring the liberty that our Star Spangled Banner symbolizes.

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    So this is what average feels like, eh?
    Meh, I've forgotten what it feels like to be "average".

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    Wow, this is getting interesting.....
    6- Time Super Bowl Champions......

    2012 MNF Executive Champion

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    Week 12

    Iron Shiek - 485
    Pfelix73 - 475
    NBC - 465
    Papillion - 415
    TheIggy - 400
    Lonbull - 400
    Steelgal - 395
    Fordfixer - 395
    Ghost - 385
    RuthlessBurgher - 370
    Neclams - 370
    Starlifter - 370
    SNON5150 - 365
    Chadman - 345
    ESPN - 310
    Jooser - 305
    MeetJoeGreene - 300
    Flippy - 285

    Newcomer to the Board and to MNF Exec. TheIggy enjoys the week's highest score with a very solid 65 point divisional showdown, and 1 point game, Atlanta v. Tampa Bay - which give the rookie some momentum and places him squarely in 5th place.

    Pfelix 73 gains an additional 10 points on leader Iron Shiek and in the meantime seperates himself from NBC. Pfelix73 will also gain an additional 5 points at kickoff as he has a 15 point bonus in the dreaded Pittsburgh v. Baltimore game....however knowing Pfelix I'm sure he'd be happy to sacrifice MNF Exec. points for a Steelers blowout over the Ravens.....well one can wish.

    Iron Shiek is certainly hoping that his Seattle v. Chicago game (which he has taken by himself) turns into big points and allows him to increase what was once a very substantial lead!

    Papillion who has stealithy moved into 4th place is also hoping for a exciting nail-biter to move him over the top or certainly further into the mix.

    Looking WAY ahead there are two games that could provide HUGE points in Week 17 -- with the Packers v. Vikings (which noone has picked) or Cincy v. Baltimore which both TheIggy and Iron Shiek have finishing thier schedules......if it comes down to these two....TheIggy will need a few more big weeks to close in and maybe overtake the Iron Shiek in the final week. Certainly could happen!

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 13

    Pitt @ Balt. – (+15) Pfelix73, Fordfixer, Snons5150, Starlifter, Ruthlessburgher

    Seattle @ Chicago – (+10) Iron Shiek
    Bucs vs Broncos – (+10) Papillion

    NO vs Atl – Flippy, MJG

    Philadelphia @ Dallas – Ghost, Chadman, Lonbull, NBC
    NYG/WAS – Neclams, TheIggy, ESPN
    Indianapolis @ Detroit - Jooser
    Houston vs. Tennessee – Steelgal

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    Well... at least flippy won't overtake me this week.
    Cleveland spelled backwards is DNA Level C
    another AA/AS original.

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    I would indeed sacrifice those points and any advantage for a Stillers blowout... Whatever I can do to bring home a victory from Baltimoron land.

    Talking about week 17 matchups, I think I picked Denver and KC or something along those lines. That may do me in... KC- yuck.
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    6- Time Super Bowl Champions......

    2012 MNF Executive Champion

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    Wow Jooser put some serious points up! My game did well luckily...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetJoeGreene View Post
    Well... at least flippy won't overtake me this week.
    If I were LonBull, I'd just stop keeping track of this year and move on to next. Clearly there's a bug in the scoring that needs to be fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Shiek View Post
    Wow Jooser put some serious points up! My game did well luckily...

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    Week 13

    Pfelix73 - 535
    Iron Shiek - 525
    NBC - 495
    Fordfixer - 455
    Papillion - 445
    TheIggy - 435
    Lonbull - 430
    RuthlessBurgher - 430
    Starlifter - 430
    SNON5150 - 425
    Ghost - 415
    Neclams - 405
    Jooser - 405
    Steelgal - 395
    Chadman - 375
    ESPN - 345
    MeetJoeGreene - 315
    Flippy - 300

    And BOOM goes the dynamite --- we have a new leader! Pfelix73 has clawed and scratched his way onto the top spot, however he only has a slight lead over Iron Shiek who has dominated the board for the bulk of the season. Ask any member in the Hall of Champions they'll tell you it's not how you start it's how you finish this mutha...that determines if you get a spot in the hallowed hall!

    Looking ahead you'll see that Iron Shiek is fighting back with a 25 point bonus that will put him ahead by 15 at has to wonder how short lived Pfelix73's rise to the top will be??

    Another Exec. to keep an eye on is Papillion who is sneaking up the board and will enjoy a 10 point bonus game all to himself --- the Cowboys have been in some real nail-biters this season, and Big Pappi could do a world of damage if he had a game similiar to last week's top dog Jooser!

    Jooser took an Andrew Lucky 100 point Detroit v. Colts game and maybe has found some momentum to make a late run at the top?!? I seen a number of Execs go from the bottom to the top in several seasons --- seriously not much surprises me anymore with this cursed game.

    Also for the first time that I can remember --- one of the Suits (NBC) is right in the mix! It's bad enough a Falcon Fan has a spot in the Hall of Champions I don't know if I can stomach NBC owning a spot for an entire year?

    Sadly for Me and Steelgal we're sliding down the chart like it's a pole and we're a pair!?

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 14

    Houston v. New England (+25) Chadman, MJG, Iron Shiek, ESPN
    Cowboys v. Bengals (+10) - Papillion

    New Orleans v. Giants Pfelix73, NeClams
    Detroit v. Green Bay Flippy, NBC

    Arizona v. Seattle Fordfixer, Ghost
    Atlanta v. Carolina SNONS5150, Ruthlessburgher, Jooser
    San Diego v. Pittsburgh Lonbull, Steelgal
    Denver v. Oakland Starlifter, TheIggy


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