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Thread: Monday Night Football Exec. 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Starting the climb. Now that I'm past Jooser, catching the rest of you should be easy.

    Chadman, Looks like our plan is working. We're tied for first if we combine our points.
    Continually amazed that nobody has picked up on the evidence that Chadman & Flippy are 1 in the same person.

    Oh well, certainly helps the cause at the end of the MNFE season when the truth is revealed, points combined & we beat you by half a point to really just rub the victory in..
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    Week 9

    Iron Shiek - 415
    Lonbull - 345
    Pfelix73 - 340
    Steelgal - 315
    Fordfixer - 315
    Papillion - 310
    NBC - 300
    TheIggy - 300
    SNON5150 - 275
    RuthlessBurgher - 270
    Ghost - 265
    Neclams - 265
    MeetJoeGreene - 255
    Starlifter - 250
    ESPN - 230
    Flippy - 230
    Chadman - 225
    Jooser - 210

    I never thought we'd be heading into Week 10 and I'd look at the leaderboard and not see any of the former champions in the top 10?? Say it ain't so gents! Say it ain't so?!?

    Flippy may have a reasonable excuse as he usually enjoys spotting the rest of us a hundred or so points before he makes a last minute mad dash! However both Ghost and Neclams spent the week in the Goose Egg lounge --- and maybe they serve a special champions buffet there....(for as often as I've been to the lounge - I wouldn't know!!) -- the former champs may have been talking to Iron Shiek who also spent an uncharacteristic week there and gave the rest of us a shot at catching up.

    Must have been an especially rough week for NeClams as he spent the week in the Goose Egg Lounge and then watched his kid sail past him on the leaderboard!

    The weekly high score was earned by Fordfixer as his Chicago v. Tennessee game offered up a number of points brought to you by one of the most exciting defensive teams in the fact I'm beginning to wonder if their defense hasn't scored more points than their offense??

    Speaking of Chicago -- out of 9 games that our MNF Execs have picked for this week only the Chicago v. Houston game and the Detroit v. Minn game are offering up any bonus points -- the rest of us are just going to have to hope for the best!

    Normally one or two teams are "schedule killers" and this year Dallas, Philly and New Orleans have just been headaches to their MNF Execs....this week sadly is no different!

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 10

    Houston v. Chicago – (+25) Ruthlessburgher, NBC
    Detroit v. Minnesota - (+15) TheIggy

    Atlanta v. New Orleans – Iron Shiek, Ghost, Snon5150, Chadman, Lonbull, Jooser
    Dallas v. Philly – Flippy, NeClams, Papillion
    Buffalo v. New England – Pfelix 73, Fordfixer
    Giants v. Bengals – MJG
    Oakland v. Baltimore – Starlifter
    Jets v. Seattle – Steelgal
    K.C. v. Pittsburgh - ESPN

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    This is a weird year. Only Philly/Dallas looked like the 100% safe pick of the week. NO/Atlanta looked like the next best pick with a little risk around NO. My 3rd choice would have been Chicago/Houston but even that was a little bit of a long shot.

    And the safe picks have no extra points and many are just turning out to be non competitive.

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    Week 10

    Iron Shiek - 440
    Lonbull - 370
    Pfelix73 - 370
    NBC - 370
    Fordfixer - 345
    RuthlessBurgher - 340
    Steelgal - 330
    Papillion - 320
    TheIggy - 320
    SNON5150 - 300
    Ghost - 290
    Neclams - 275
    Starlifter - 275
    MeetJoeGreene - 270
    ESPN - 255
    Chadman - 250
    Flippy - 240
    Jooser - 235

    Could this be the year of the SUIT!?!? NBC not only has a 30 point bonus with their Sunday Night Match-up, but the Suits at NBC (along with Ruthlessburgher) enjoyed the weekly high score of 70 points with their sloppy Chicago v. Houston match-up.

    NBC has climbed into a three way tie with PFelix73 (who is also picking up momentum) and Lonbull (who, looks to be losing steam).

    Iron Shiek (along with 4 other Execs.) will have to hope that their bonus-less game provides an exciting, close scoring game to keep pace with the new bad*ss Peacock......

    Nearer the bottom of the board is ESPN and Jooser both enjoy a solid 25 point Monday Night Football bonus.....with a little help in that game they could easy hit the middle of the pack at the close of Monday Night.

    Haven't heard much from the Iron Shiek --- you have to wonder if he's beginning to feel the heat as NBC and Pfelix73 look poised to close the gap???

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 11

    Baltimore v. Pittsburgh – (+30) Pfelix73, Ghost , NeClams, Chadman, Starlifter, Papillion, Steelgal, NBC
    Chicago v. San Francisco – (+25) Jooser, ESPN

    Green Bay v. Detroit – Iron Shiek, Flippy, MJG, Lonbull, Ruthlessburgher,
    San Diego v. Denver – Fordfixer, Snons5150
    St. Louis v. Jets – TheIggy

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    Ok.. this is getting ridiculous. I need a boost in my game. I call upon the power of the feral kid to help me:

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    another AA/AS original.

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    Suits, my ars.. NBC can kiss it. lol
    Last edited by pfelix73; 11-16-2012 at 10:57 AM.
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    I'm choosing to remain fairly silent and let my position on top of the table speak for itself. My pre-season game-picking prowess is clearly on display, however, you are slightly correct that as the season winds down, I'm starting to doubt a few of my picks, especially beginning with this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Shiek View Post
    I'm choosing to remain fairly silent and let my position on top of the table speak for itself. My pre-season game-picking prowess is clearly on display, however, you are slightly correct that as the season winds down, I'm starting to doubt a few of my picks, especially beginning with this week.
    Don't doubt this week! I picked the same game as you this week!!!

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    Week 11

    Iron Shiek - 455
    Pfelix73 - 435
    NBC - 435
    Steelgal - 395
    Lonbull - 385
    Papillion - 385
    Fordfixer - 380
    RuthlessBurgher - 355
    Ghost - 355
    Neclams - 340
    Starlifter - 340
    TheIggy - 335
    SNON5150 - 335
    Chadman - 315
    ESPN - 295
    MeetJoeGreene - 285
    Jooser - 275
    Flippy - 255

    The Week's high score (65 points) went to all of the MNF Execs. who wisely took the "old stand-by" of a Steelers v. Raven divisional battle. In what has to be a troubling trend for the leader Iron Shiek he was not the Exec. with a weekly high score and he watched a number of Execs. advance on his once dominant lead!!

    With only a 20 point lead on two contenders immediately behind him --- you have to wonder if this Shiek can handle the heat?!?

    Iron Shiek and NBC will share the same game this week and it comes with a solid 25 point bonus at this guy:

    Thankfully won't find his NBC self in first place next week......uggghhhhhh......PFelix73 who has surged to a second place tie with NBC is hoping he alone will take Week 12's high score and maybe overtake the lead as well --- however his game has no bonus points, and he'll have his work cut out for him.

    TheIggy will enjoy the best bonus coming into week 12 and could certainly propel himself up the leaderboard with a big game in the Tampa v. Atlanta match-up. Atlanta has been playing some close ball games this week and TheIggy should feel confident that he'll be receiving a (pirate) boat load o' points!

    Of course Fordfixer, Ruthlessburgher and yours truly (Lonbull) decided to play it safe and just take the 10 bonus points as Carson Palmer returns to the Natti -- and we're also hoping for a nailbiter to help us catch up to the top of the board.

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 12

    Tampa Bay @ Atlanta (+30) TheIggy
    GB vs NYG (+25) Iron Shiek, Flippy, Ghost, NeClams, Snons5150, Chadman, Papillion, NBC
    Oakland @ Cincinnati (+10) Fordfixer, Lonbull, Ruthlessburgher

    Houston @ Detroit Pfelix73
    Tennessee at Jacksonville MJG
    Patriots @ Jets Starlifter
    Pittsburgh @ Cleveland Jooser
    Denver vs. Kansas city Steelgal
    Panthers v. Eagles - ESPN

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    A 200 pt game this week would keep me at 200 pts behind the leader. I'm starting to smell blood. Unfortunately it might be my own.


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