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Thread: Monday Night Football Exec. 2012

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    Dang it!

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    In the words of a famous broadcaster...Boom goes the Dynamite.

    I'm mopping up early, but as one of our former champions said, its not how you begin, its how you finish. I have my eyes set on Week 17 already and we just hit the quarter pole.

    If anybody wants to shake the hand of the current leader, you'll find me at the Eagles/Steelers game this weekend. Shoot me a PM and we can meet up and have a chat.

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    Week 5

    Iron Shiek - 270
    Fordfixer - 235
    Ghost - 205
    Steelgal - 200
    Pfelix73 - 190
    Lonbull - 190
    Papillion - 185
    NBC - 170
    RuthlessBurgher - 170
    Neclams - 160
    SNON5150 - 160
    MeetJoeGreene - 160
    TheIggy - 140
    ESPN - 125
    Starlifter - 125
    Chadman - 120
    Flippy - 115
    Jooser - 95

    Papillion, Ruthlessburgher, Lonbull, Fordfixer, and Pfelix73 enjoyed a Steelers victory AND the weekly high score of 55 points with a last second game winning FG to put the Steelers up by 2 points -- and a number of us back into contention.

    Fordfixer works himself a little closer to the leader (Iron Shiek), but may have trouble advancing this week as he has picked the solo choice of Jets v Indy while Iron Shiek ( and the bulk of the Execs) enjoys a 25 point bonus at kick-off with the 49ers v. Giants NFC Championship Rematch.

    Looking ahead to next week -- our "average" Jooser sits alone with a 10 point Record Bonus and with a little luck could take the weekly high score all to himself.

    Also going solo with a game is the former Champion and the always dangerous Ghost who could put together a close Steelers victory and maybe the last bonus (Rainey bonus) this Thursday to climb even close to the lead??

    The Teacher looks to become the Student this week as SNON5150 (and his 25 point bonus at kickoff) could break the tie with his father Neclams --- could be a rough week at the Clams House if the Son takes the High Score and the Champ is in the Goose Egg Lounge?!?

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 6

    NY Giants v. San Fran – (+25) Flippy, SNON5150, MJG, Starlifter, Ruthlessburger,Iron Shiek, Papillion
    Dallas v. Baltimore – (+10) Jooser
    Green Bay v. Houston – Pfelix73, Chadman, Lonbull, Steelgal, TheIggy, NBC
    Indy v. Jets – Fordfixer
    Pittsburgh v. Tennessee – Ghost
    Denver v. San Diego – NeClams, ESPN

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    If Chadman and I combine our scores, we're sitting pretty in 2nd place with FF. How bout them apples?

    Jooser's foiling our plan trying to finish last

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    Don't know what you're up to Flippy- what's with this 'extra 25 points' business?

    What about 'the pact'??? Geez!
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    Week 6

    Iron Shiek - 310
    Steelgal - 255
    Ghost - 250
    Pfelix73 - 245
    Lonbull - 245

    Fordfixer - 240
    Papillion - 225
    NBC - 225
    Neclams - 215
    RuthlessBurgher - 210
    SNON5150 - 200
    MeetJoeGreene - 200
    TheIggy - 195
    ESPN - 180
    Chadman - 175
    Starlifter - 165
    Jooser - 160
    Flippy - 155

    With a 55 point lead in front of former leader (and crowd favorite) Steel Gal -- the Iron Shiek is simply dominating the board right now.....ah but the season is still young and you never know who's building momentum in this game???

    It could be Average Jooser --- who took the weekly high score of 65 points in his Dallas v. Baltimore double melt down! I've seen plenty of seasons where the guy in last place gets his day in the sun at the top of the fact former Champion Flippy has done just that once before and could be looking to repeat his last minute heroics again this year. This cruel game can turn so quickly.

    Fordfixer took a bit of hit last week as he slipped from second place to sixth place with only 5 points to show for his Indy v. Jets game. (Luckily for Fordfixer -- Ghost caught one of my scoring mistakes and kept the Fordfixer out of the Goose Egg always, thanks to Ghost for a second set of eyes on these scores --- and now if he would just stop beating me in my own game every year, we could actually, you know, maybe be friends...)

    Looking ahead Pfelix73 goes into Week 7 (along with three other Execs) with a 25 point bonus at kick-off! Pfelix73 has a long way to go to take the top spot, but if Iron Shiek falters with his Pitt v. Bengals game.....the lead could get very tight.

    Of course Iron Shiek could be at the right place at the right time if Chris Rainey finishes off the only "player" bonus left?

    Another player who could be looking at a big fall off is Ghost who picks an unusual game for this deep in the season....however Ghost has pulled out miracles before where no other Exec. saw them possible --- will it be a rare trip to the Goose Egg Lounge (if you go ask for my table they have it ready for me every week).

    Could be a shake could be the leader extending his distance....we'll find out by the end of next Monday.....

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 7

    Baltimore v. Houston (+25) Pfelix73, MJG, Ruthlessburgher, Papillion

    Pittsburgh v. Cincinnati Iron Shiek, Fordfixer, Lonbull, Starlifter, The Iggy, NBC
    Detroit v. Chicago Flippy, NeClams, SNON5150, Jooser, ESPN
    Cleveland v. Indianapolis Ghost
    Dallas v. Carolina Chadman, Steelgal

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    UGH...what was I thinking Either I was drinking too much bourbon when I made this pick or not nearly enough....

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    Weekly High this week and almost in the Lounge the week before, could be that Average Joos is a bit Bi-Polar? Oh well, I suppose it all "averages" out in the end.

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    Alright Chadman, are you gonna bring me down this week? Or will I bring you some luck with this week's pick??

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    Week 7

    Iron Shiek - 350
    Lonbull - 285
    Fordfixer - 280
    Steelgal - 270
    Pfelix73 - 270
    Ghost - 265
    NBC - 265
    Papillion - 250
    Neclams - 245
    RuthlessBurgher - 235
    TheIggy - 235
    SNON5150 - 230
    MeetJoeGreene - 225
    ESPN - 210
    Starlifter - 205
    Jooser - 190
    Chadman - 190
    Flippy - 185

    The best game of the week here on MNF Exec. was the game I assume most of us made sure to watch from start to finish --- enjoying Chris Rainey's first Touchdown and a (closer than we really wanted) 7 point win over the Bengals -- the Pitt v. Bengals game provided the weekly high score of 40 points -- and ended all of the "extra" bonuses available!

    The Iron Shiek continues to dominate the board with a 65 point lead over the newest Exec. to climb into second place ---- yours truly Lonbull!!! For those of you who can't remember or who have never witness how much I've truly sucked at my own game ..... I assure you this place high on the mountaintop will likely be short lived and since the Goose Egg Lounge hasn't been fed in awhile --- fear runs deep in my mid-season rise!

    Of course Fordfixer isn't far behind and the top three Execs. all have different games this week -- I will say I'm impressed that the Iron Shiek saw something in this Seattle team that told him they might have a solid record right now...and I think most of us thought the Lions would have a better record as well, however he gets no bonus points going into this week.

    This week we have 10 different games being played so the board could see quite a jumble -- we'll see how it all plays out at the end of Monday Night....

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 8

    NYG v. Dallas (+15) Pfelix73, Lonbull, Starlifter, Steelgal
    49ers v. Cardinals (+15) ESPN
    Atlanta v. Philadelphia (+10) - MJG

    Seattle v. Detroit Iron Shiek

    New Orleans v Denver Flippy, NeClams, SNON5150, Chadman, Ruthlessburger, NBC

    Oakland v. K.C. Fordfixer
    Miami v. Jets Ghost
    Indy v. Tennessee Papillion
    Washington v. Pittsburgh Jooser
    Cleveland v. San Diego The Iggy


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