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Thread: Foster vs Legursky

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    Foster vs Legursky

    Do you guys think it's a done deal that Foster becomes the RG?

    I can see positives for both.

    With Foster, we get a better pass blocker with better size. And more strength.

    With Legursky, we get a guy who's significantly quicker and can get down field to help with the short passing game and can pull when we run left. Those are 2 areas we seem to want to focus on Offense.

    Both of these guys have their strengths and both have their weaknesses. If we could combine their strengths, we'd have a heck of a player. Maybe even another Decastro.

    But the reality is both are just above average Gs.

    I think Foster might make a better T and Legursky definitely makes a better C.

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    Foster can pull, or he wouldn't be in the NFL. I'd leave Foster alone at RG, since that is where he's been spending a lot of time at.... AGAIN- I can't say it enough. IT IS VERY Important to get these guys in spots AND KEEP THEM THERE. Linemen are picky this way..

    C or G- pretty much the same position, except one hikes the ball...
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    I think it's Foster and I don't think it is even close. Legursky is a nice backup, but he is better in that role. Foster has demonstrated that he can be serviceable. If Starks, Colon and Pouncey play well, and Gilbert steps forward and does not regress, you can get by with serviceable.


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