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Thread: Preseason Vanilla play calling

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    Preseason Vanilla play calling

    Seems like every year everyone is in agreement that we should not worry about the problems on the offense and defense during the preseason because the coordinators are "saving their stuff" for the regular season. How much of it is truth and how much is it used to make ourselves feel better about the upcoming season? Just curious to hear your thoughts...

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    Im against worrying about those problems ever, they will always exist because nothing is perfect. Our team wins games and that makes me happy.

    Regarding the vanilla play calling, id say the coach are more likely just trying certain personnel in different situations without regard to the outcome.
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    why would we want to show our cards to future opponents such as the Broncos regarding what we're gonna do offensively?

    let them find out 9/9...

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    Even if it is vanilla play calling, shouldn't the players be able to execute the plays better than they do?


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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    Even if it is vanilla play calling, shouldn't the players be able to execute the plays better than they do?

    of course they should, but like the saying goes the guys on the other side of the line of scrimmage get paid too.

    this is how coaches evaluate players and 53-man rosters are formed...

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    While the majority of the play calling is vanilla I do think certain plays are called to evaluate how individual players handle specific situations. For example, how does Maze run an end around or can Robinson drop back into coverage instead of just rush.

    What I've often wondered is why they don't slip in one or two players that are on the bubble to play with the first stringers in a preseason game. I would think that would give them a better evaluation on what the player can do.


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