1. Dwyer is the Steeler's best back.

No need to comment on this there is a 15 page thread here already.

2. Baron Batch is game and versatile but will probably not make the final 53.

Probably true. B. Batch can do it all, but his pass catching is probably his strongest asset. Now that the Steeler's have Rainey who will be taking those plays this limits his value.

3. Adams is making too many mistakes.

Yes! But some of them seem really unnecessary. For example: He has the guy blocked and stopped and the guy tries to slip around him either inside or outside. So what! All he had to do was take a freaking step one way or the other and still have the angle on the guy or push him out. I am more worried about his head than anything else.

4. When the 1st team D is out there a lot of players are watching and waiting for James Harrison to make the play. When the 2nd team D is out there everyone is waiting for James Harrison to make the play.

Tip: JHar is not out there right now!

5. They don't seem to care which one of the numerous WR's takes charge of the 5th slot.

One day it's Williams, today it was Gilreath, another day it is Clemons, some like Beiler, the others have not been seen at all. Who is Jimmy Young? I really like that name but have been looking and looking and have not seen or heard a word about him.

Frankly, I doubt if any will really see the field anyhow, unless whoever makes the team is also a really good ST player.

6. If Harrison and Woodley are not out there and in peak condition there is big trouble.

No comment!

7. Jerrod Johnson should make the team.

His play last week warranted it. But, everyone is saying it is Charlie Batch who is cut. Are they sure?

8. Many are saying it is going to be hard to finalize the LB corp. May have to keep 9 or more.

Okay, but after the starting 4 when all are healthy, it seems the next 8 are interchangeable.

9. Everyone likes Spence. Me too.

10. Foster really is working hard and playing everywhere. At the very least he will be a most valuable 6th guy.

Incidentally, in the game Sunday, on Dwyers yet another nice run I noticed that Foster sealed off and blocked #53 for Indy. This guy was running loose and unblocked forever. This mystified me. It was like he was invisible. Here the freaking Steelers are a 3-4 team and how they would let the guy who I think was playing in Farriors spot for us last year go unblocked forever is beyond me. Can anyone explain this? No wonder our successful running plays are so rare. I'm beginning to think this Dwyer guy is a magician. Since he does somehow find room. Well actually on play 1 he had to slip through 3 tackles in the backfield to get 3 yards. This amazed me!

Anyone know who will start at RB in Buffalo?