In the comments to one of his earlier posts, Lolley provided some thoughts on the roster breakdown:

I'm going on what I'm not only seeing at camp, but what I'm hearing from people there as well on these cuts.

Sanders has an uphill battle. They're not pleased with him over the drug thing and he hasn't helped matters by not going full-tilt at training camp.

Paulson couldn't block a toilet. Has no strength whatsoever. He's probably ticketed for the practice squad.

I'll repeat again that there is no way Worilds gets cut. They like what Carter has done to this point, but Brandon Johnson isn't physical enough to play on the outside. Nor is Sylvester. Worilds and Carter will be the backups on the outside.
I was probably a little tough on Paulson there. He does have ability as a receiver. He just needs a year to get stronger.
In my eyes, he's a much better down the road prospect than Saunders.
I don't know if they trust Saunders at this point.
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