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Thread: I Want The Steelers on Hard Knocks

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    I Want The Steelers on Hard Knocks

    Just caught the last episode of Hard Knocks with the Dolphins and man do I wish the Steelers were on there.

    I know everyone say it will never happen. They don't want it to happen. But to heck with that. As a fan, I want the inside view of what's going on with my favorite team.

    With as much money as the NFL makes, I'm surprised the NFL doesn't require every team to do this. I bet every fan of every team would be glued to their team's version of Hard Knocks. I'd probably watch them all.

    I bet the real reason the Steelers won't do it is they don't want the fan base to lose respect for the team. They must do something they want to keep hidden. Maybe they couldn't pretend to be a team of high moral character.

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    Tomlin sees the media as a necessary evil. I dont think its a question of money but the Steeler way of conducting business. To turn Tomlin and his team into characters in a reality show would be hard to imagine unless the commish made it mandatory for PR.

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    It would probably be HUGE in ratings, as I would assume that teams like DAL (PIT) drew more eyeballs than teams like MIA. I don't tune in normally, but obviously would if PIT was on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    It would probably be HUGE in ratings, as I would assume that teams like DAL (PIT) drew more eyeballs than teams like MIA. I don't tune in normally, but obviously would if PIT was on it.
    It was fun watching the way OchoCinco took being fired and how awkward it was for the coach.

    As much flak as Chad takes for his actions - cursing, beating his wife, etc, he's pretty professional when it comes to deal with his coaches. More than I'd expect from him.

    It was also funny to hear the coaches talk about the players. Like how Chad was the only WR who can't play the X, Y, and Z on the Miami roster. They were kinda implying he's not so smart.

    On the one hand you feel bad for some of these guys. But it's entertaining.

    Another example, David Garrard hurt his knee watching his kids at the pool. Makes you feel bad for the guy.

    Then on the other end of the spectrum, one of the rookie linemen for the Dolphins had a mohawk in the shape of a man's privates shaved onto his head. That was pretty funny.

    Then it got sad in another part when Miami's HC was talking about his son dying last year before the Packers playoff game.

    I'd like to get some insight into how Tomlin manipulates his players behind closed doors. Same for the position coaches. I'd love to hear coaches talk about guys on the bubble. It would be fascinating. If the freaking Dolphins, Jets, etc are interesting, the Steelers would be awesome.

    If Goodell wants to win me over, force the Steelers onto Hard Knocks and I'll become a Goodell fan for it.

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    It's a great show if you love the NFL. And, no, the Steelers won't ever do it. It's not their way. They don't like things like reality TV. But I just love the show. But up until Cinci, of all teams, reversed the curse, every team doing it has gone on to have a disappointing season. It's funny that 6 teams, that we know of, turned down HBO this go around. If it wasn't for the Fins, they might have had to cancel it this season.

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    Yeah great way for fan to get to know players.

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    Some things are better left to the imagination. I don't want to see the Steelers on there. Leave the drama to other teams.

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    the Steelers will appear on Hard knocks when this happens:

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    I like hard knocks, desperately wish the steelers would do it - but accept the reality they never will. it's a shame too, i think the steelers or the packers would be a ratings blowout.

    i thought the scene watching chad get released was sad and painful. the coach actually did a terrible job of it in my opinion. he eased into it instead of making it short and to the point. painful to watch, probably more so to endure. seriously, telling a player who's getting released 'this is probably the best thing for both of us'.. ygtbsm........

    amateur hour on that one.


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    I LOVED watching my Pens on HBO's 24/7 series when the Winter Classic was being held at Heinz Field. Makes you appreciate guys like Ben Lovejoy, whose face was swollen like the Elephant Man on the plane flight after being hit in the face with the puck during the game earlier that night, and who also uttered the immortal “We're going to find out who did it, and probably do nothing about it” after Fleury and others moved all of the furniture from his hotel room into the hallway while he was away at dinner. Great stuff.


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