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Thread: PS fantasy football league is ready to go. Read new rules here!

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    PS fantasy football league is ready to go. Read new rules here!

    Alright so I had to make some tough commissioner decisions, but here they are:

    I had no response from enip on if he wanted to renew his team (even sent a PM after seeing him post last week), and with Kiwi out we were down to 10 teams. That's an even number, that's a good number, and that is the number we are going with this year. Any other players wanting to sign up, it sounds like the Mt. Mama league still has some openings. There was no response to the idea of making this a money league, so it will not be one. This league is for Planer Steelers bragging rights and pride only.

    League setup:

    So 10 teams, two five team leagues, 3 from each will make the playoffs which will take place in weeks 14, 15, and 16. The top team from each division will have a bye the first week.

    The Draft and Keeper Players:

    The draft will be on Monday, August 27th, and 8:30 PM ET. This is before the 4th preseason game, but most starters don't play much in those games so this should minimize any significant injuries while also giving about a week to get ready for the the season with any last week roster changes or decisions made based on that last preseason week.

    The keeper rules are as follows:

    You have until 11:59 PM next Sunday to select your 1 keeper player. If you select more than 1, then I will assign you the player drafted higher last year. If you select none, well then sorry, but you get none. The keeper player will be assigned to you in the round which you drafted them last year. This is a blind selection in that I will not randomly create the draft order until the morning after (Monday). There is a cap of 5 rounds of value over the Yahoo projected draft position for that player this year. Example: If I were to keep Rob Gronkowski, drafted last year in the 16th round, and now projected as the 17th pick by Yahoo (2nd rounder), then I would be designated as selecting him in the 7th round rather than the 16th round. These rules will carry over to future years as well with the draft values for individual players being re-assessed on a yearly basis. (If Gronkowski was projected as a 1st round pick next year, I would then have to use a 6th round pick to keep him again.)

    Next Monday morning I will have Yahoo auto-generate our draft order, and I will manually input the keeper players in to their draft positions based on the rules above. The draft order will follow the standard fantasy snaking pattern.


    All scoring rules have been carried over from last year.

    Inactive Teams:

    We had excellent participation last year, so I don't expect this to be a problem. If there should happen to be a team keeping players in their lineup who are on a bye or injured, aka being a non-active manager, then they will get a warning after the first week. If this happens a second time then I will have to offer your team up to the people of Planet Steelers to see if anyone wants to take control of it. I can do that, because Yahoo now allows me to change managers of teams. HA! It is of vital importance that we maintain the competitive balance of the league on a weekly basis.

    This function also would allow me to transfer your team to a new email as I have already done for a handful of you, so if you need me to do that then let me know and we will figure it out. And if a player gets locked out like happened a couple years ago, we can get that sorted out too. Just let me know as soon as possible if there are problems logging in to your team.

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