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Thread: Final 53 Waiver strategy

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    Final 53 Waiver strategy

    Teams do various things to keep players caught in the numbers game. I was wondering if the following makes sense.
    Keep only 2 QB's Friday. This frees a roster spot for another DL or LB. This would let you keep a Brandon Johnson, Morrty Ivy, or an Adrian Robinson.

    1 JHar 2 LT 3 LF 4 LW 5 JW 6 CC 7 SSp 8 SSy---9 BJ 10 MI/AR

    1 BK 2 Chp 3 ZH 4 CHy 5 SM 6 ??AT 6 ??CB 6 ??AW 6 ??Ike etc.

    Even if the plan is to keep all 3 vet QB's and keep JJ on the PS, cut C.Batch anyway. This way JJ is not exposed to the waiver wire. Then since CB lives right down the street in a week or so place JJ on the PS and bring Charlie back.

    At least this way JJ would not be irretrievably lost if claimed, since the Steelers would then have the option to retain him on the 53. They do not have this option if he is cut Friday.

    Is this a legit ploy? Also how does that one where players are injured work, I forgot? Reason I ask this is SSy is my #8 LB for sure, but he is out for a couple more weeks. I would like to keep all 3 fringe LB's/ BJ AR MI. How could this be done?

    The way fans and notable sources are talking the Steelers have cut problems on numerous players they would like to keep.

    Another possibility to save roster spots would be to keep only 4 WR. Just about all the other WR are probably PS eligible. They are less likely to be claimed IMO than a promising CB/S or LB/DL

    Most of those WR have been around here and there, and on PS's already anyhow. I was going to say none were drafted by the Steelers, but I forgot about Clemons. This messes this strategy up since I don't think the Steelers care to lose draft picks. Even though I don't see him on hardly any projected final 53's.

    Does anyone know of any other tactics teams use this time of year?

    Is this Ryan Lee so many are talking up really that good? Also, despite all the penalties Beachum is still highly thought of. Are these players high risk losses if waived?

    Also: Opening a roster spot to replace DD is not an option at this time.

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    Last year, or maybe it was the year before, I sort of jokingly suggested that Steve McClendon spend most of the final pre-season game on his back. Then once in a while chase the wrong back, maybe get a penalty or two etc. It was not particularly thought of as a good idea but he is still here. Did he not spend considerable time on the PS. I don't recall if he ever cut from the TC roster though.

    Nonetheless, imagine the big void in the middle of the DL had he been picked off.


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