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Thread: Dwyer is our best back....

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I hate to agree with Collinsworth but Ford DID look like Bettis on a few of those runs. I want to see more of him as well. I would love to have a RB by committee and just punish teams all game with fresh legs.

    I'm very concerned with Redman... I hope he is healthy by week 1.
    I'm concerend that he will be hurt repeatedly this season.

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    I would settle for one back that isn't glass break fragile.

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    Steelers RB Dwyer providing stability in backfield

    UPDATED AUG 21, 2012

    Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer has given the team's injury riddled backfield some needed stability during preseason.

    The former Georgia Tech star ran for 43 yards on eight carries against the Indianapolis Colts' first-string defense in a 26-24 victory on Sunday night, cutting decisively between the tackles while looking comfortable in a featured role.

    Dwyer leads the Steelers in rushing during the preseason while filling in for injured starters Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman. Mendenhall is out indefinitely as he recovers from offseason knee surgery while Redman has been slowed by a hip problem.

    That's left Dwyer to take most of the snaps with the first team as the Steelers try to adjust to new offensive coordinator Todd Haley's system, which is more run-heavy than one used by former Steelers coordinator Bruce Arians.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ikestops85 View Post
    I think Redman will be a good 1a/1b back but he needs to split carries. This is the first game that Dwyer looked like he wanted to play football for the steelers. He really surprised me with how well he ran. He made some guys miss and he showed a lot of effort getting the extra yard or two. I'd love to see him step his game up to split the carries with Redman. I still think Mendy will take more time to heal both mentally and physically before he becomes productive again.

    There is a reason ACL injuries require OVER a year to heal, some say not until year 2 do you really come back. I just don't see RM being able to offer much, and I really didn't like what he had to offer when he was healthy. I think him being out will be addition through subtraction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    I completely agree.

    the reason that i left the other board that fezz and i used to post on was because i posted an article about who the Steelers were expected to draft and it got moved immediately to "The Draft Room". I can understand a board wishing to compartmentalize subject matter but my point to the mods was that this article was definitely Steelers related (actually had the word "Steelers" in the title) and would invite a lot more discussion on the main Steelers page than in the Draft Room that no one ever visited or posted in.

    the one megalomaniac mod i referred to in an earlier post responded with a "well, that's how it is here and if you don't like it there are other boards and if you decide to leave you will regret it" and that's all i needed to hear to take him up on his invitation. needless to say, i have never regretted leaving that board and coming to this one, as my over 10,000 posts here will attest.
    That's exactly right. Unless there are so many new posts that you can't wade through them to find what you want (that never happens any more; I can't say I have seen a case of that in, like ever?) it is stupid to move Steelers related stuff to a board where there is zero traffic. And, that is exactly how I feel topics on the draft fit in: don't treat them like they are a post about baking cookies or something. Posting on the draft, including stuff on what other teams might take is DAMN CLOSE ENOUGH. Almost always, each site has one active page and the rest are ghost towns. So, moving posts about the draft and other teams is just nutty to me. Only if the main page is being inundated with new posts does that make sense.
    I like when mods moderate their boards into ghost towns. Brilliant.

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    I'm not sure what mod gave hawaiin a bad time but the head mod over there is a real piece of work. The others have now been sucking down his root juice and are not far behind his childlike ways. What got me in dutch with that site was, a new poster came to the site thinking he could have an original thought or better yet, say something that didn't agree with the mods way of thinking so he got insulted, told off, many names tossed at him. I stood up for him and that was the begining of the end for me.
    I then had the target on my back and when I defended myself I, was a trouble maker I, was the one who's causing the trouble. They would tell me if I didn't like it there, go to Planet as if it was to be punishment on me. I stuck around a little bit just to tick them off. There are a couple of nice posters over there but for the most part, bootlickers.
    Here's an example on what can get you insulted and threatened to be tossed from the site.
    " What's with Mendy, some games he looks good and other times he looks like he doesn't even try. " Their response: "We don't need any of this negative talk around here, you want that go to the planet ! " Plus a bunch of insult from the mods as they gang up on you.
    Oh yeah, their head mod lurks here on this site. Probably to come up with ideas to speak about over there.
    Hawaiin is correct, it is a ghost town of a site. Heck, the ghost don't even hang out there, no one to haunt.

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    Steelers looking for help at RB
    August 22, 2012
    The Altoona Mirror

    PITTSBURGH - There is nothing imposing about Jonathan Dwyer. No flash. No ankle-breaking open field moves.

    That isn't the way the third-year Pittsburgh Steelers running back operates. He is more direct than dazzling. Get the ball. Pick a hole. Go. Repeat.

    No wonder Dwyer has looked so comfortable in no-nonsense offensive coordinator Todd Haley's new system. With Rashard Mendenhall still rehabbing a surgically repaired knee, and Isaac Redman nursing a hip injury, the Steelers have turned to the soft-spoken Dwyer to provide the thump in the running game during the preseason.

    So far, so good. Dwyer has 83 yards on 10 carries through two games, including 43 yards while working with the first team in a 26-24 win over Indianapolis on Sunday night. The performance was typical Dwyer. He never made it outside the tackles while gashing the middle of the Colts defense.

    "I just want to contribute," Dwyer said.

    Given the way the Steelers expect to run the ball with Haley calling the plays, he will almost certainly get a shot even after the regulars are ready to go.

    Pittsburgh parted ways with former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians in the offseason and turned to Haley to restore a little grit to a unit that struggled to move the ball on the ground at crucial times in recent years.

    The Steelers haven't finished in the top five in the NFL in rushing touchdowns since Jerome Bettis retired following the 2005 season, instead relying more and more on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's arm.

    While the two-time Super Bowl winner remains among the league's elite, he has also taken a beating the last few seasons. He missed one game last year and was slowed in several others due to a left ankle injury. The Steelers invested in upgrading the offensive line during the offseason, drafting Stanford guard David DeCastro in the first round, and former Ohio State tackle Mike Adams in the second. They have even added a full-time fullback to the mix, something missing the last several seasons as the Steelers worked out of a one-back set.

    The goal is to take some of the heat off Roethlisberger and put pressure on opposing defenses by coming at them relentlessly with the ground game. It worked wonders for Haley in Kansas City in 2010, when the then-Chiefs head coach rode the legs of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles to an unlikely AFC West title.

    Haley would love to get similar production from a talented - if injury riddled - stable of backs in Pittsburgh.

    "If we can win every game running it 35-40 times, that would be great," Haley said. "Statistically, if you hand the ball off 30-plus times in a game, you've got a 90-plus percent chance of winning."

    Meaning there should be plenty of carries to go around even after Mendenhall and Redman return. Dwyer has certainly looked the part during his limited reps during his first two seasons. He ripped of a memorable 76-yard run in a win over Tennessee last fall before a broken bone in his left foot ended his season.

    He pledged to get in better shape for camp and did it by getting serious about his conditioning.

    It was never a problem during his phenomenal career at Georgia Tech, when he rushed for 3,226 yards in three memorable seasons playing in the Yellow Jackets' unique flexbone offense.

    It was during his first two years in Pittsburgh, when he carried the ball all of 25 times. Compare that to his final year at Georgia Tech when he had 235 carries in 13 games.

    The Steelers saw enough to take him in the sixth round of the 2010 draft, and he has spent the last two summers trying to prove he is not just a product of Georgia Tech's run-heavy system.

    "That's what you're always trying to do," Dwyer said. "I want to be the best there is, just like everybody else in this locker room."

    Dwyer has already made a convert out of Pittsburgh's offensive linemen, who view his straightforward approach as a blessing of sorts.

    "He makes a decision and he sticks with it," tackle Max Starks said. "You don't want guys dancing or always thinking about cutting back the entire time. He makes his one cut and he gets north and south. You want that because it makes it easier for us."

    Don't get Starks or Haley wrong. The Steelers aren't trying to turn the clock back 40 years. Haley doesn't need the running game to be groundbreaking, just effective. This is the same coach, after all, who let Kurt Warner throw it 598 times in 2008 while calling the plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

    Roethlisberger will get a chance to turn it loose every once in a while.

    "I would think that one of our strengths is versatility," Haley said. "You don't want to do a lot of things just OK. You'd like to do some things real good. I think with some of the ability we have, and if our line continues to gel together and gets better every week, we have a chance to be a pretty versatile group that can hurt you in a number of ways."

    Dwyer simply hopes he is one of them.

    "I just want to help us get to New Orleans and get that seventh ring," he said.

    Molon labe

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    Dwyer has already made a convert out of Pittsburgh's offensive linemen, who view his straightforward approach as a blessing of sorts.

    "He makes a decision and he sticks with it," tackle Max Starks said. "You don't want guys dancing or always thinking about cutting back the entire time. He makes his one cut and he gets north and south. You want that because it makes it easier for us."
    It's called being an instictive runner and Dwyer may be the best we have has since Bettis. He still has to translate that into production but if he can stay healthy and stay on top of his fitness I think we have a very good RB.

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    I would liken Dwyer to Beanie Wells. Guys with oodles of talent, but don't have the toughness that it takes to rely on (other than in a platoon).

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    Steelers Injury News: RB Isaac Redman Will Start Saturday Vs. Bills

    by Neal Coolong on Aug 24, 2012

    Steelers RB Isaac Redman, who's been hampered by an injured hip, will start Saturday's game against the Bills in Buffalo.

    Redman, who mentioned recently the injury won't prevent him from playing but likely will nag him throughout the season, did not play in the Steelers' 26-24 preseason win over Indianapolis Aug. 19. His return is something of a relief for the Steelers, who have had several injuries among running backs this preseason.

    Rashard Mendenhall was removed from the PUP list, and has practiced lightly, but it's unlikely he'll play in either of the Steelers' remaining two preseason games. John Clay tore a quadriceps muscle, and was placed on the IR earlier in camp.

    The Steelers' starters will play the first half Saturday, and Redman should get the bulk of the carries. RB Jonathan Dwyer is Redman's main back-up and has been impressive through two preseason games. How offensive coordinator Todd Haley rotates the two of them with the starting unit will be something to watch, as well as how each of them is used, both running and receiving.



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