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Thread: It Seems Like Some People Aren't Happy...

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    It Seems Like Some People Aren't Happy...

    This is a text that I sent to my brother (also a Steeler fan) because he wasn't able to watch the first half...

    9:42 in Q2. Steelers with 10 points on 26 offensive plays. Eagles with two 3-and-outs.
    After that point in the game, almost all of the respective starting lineups were out...I don't care if the Eagle backups can beat our backups...

    That is not to say that nothing troubled me...

    In general, the OTs did not look good...Adams is a rookie in his first NFL action, so I wasn't shocked...but Gilbert was beaten severely, which is not a good thing...

    Curtis Brown also had a terrible game in coverage...

    But, I'm not going to hit the panic button until I see how the team performs throughout the rest of the preseason...

    After all, it wasn't until 7:40 in Q2 that the Eagles made their first 1st down...

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    Nnamdi was interview during the game on the sideline and seemed pretty nonchalant about the results. He said something along the lines of the 2nd preseason game being the most important and the biggest jump in improvement.

    I think the biggest reason for Philly's 3 and outs is they weren't ready for McClendon. I'm hoping we might have a new stud on the Dline.

    On the flip side, I'm hoping our Oline will start to communicate and get used to one another.


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